I’m a caregiver – how did I get here?

I’m a Caregiver – How Did I Get Here?

Anyone can become a caregiver without warning.

You don’t see it coming. I know and I was lucky to survive. Fortunately, my mother only needed to care for me for 6 months and I was able to return to work.

But severe trauma such as a stroke, can have significant and permanent impact of the quality of life for both survivor and carer.

One woman woke up in the morning to discover her husband was having a stroke. Overnight, the life they knew was gone forever.

Caregivers become the silent victims.

Naturally enough, following a brain injury such as a stroke the focus and attention goes onto the person who suffered the injury. The survivor.

However, the wife or husband is thrust into the role of carer and they also suffer trauma and need emotional support.

Unfortunately, for numerous reasons, some close family and friends can’t cope and they abandon the caregiver.

Learn from other caregivers

We have found that few people can relate and those who can have or are caring for a brain injured spouse.

Most are happy to share their stories and experiences, giving you, a fellow caregiver, valuable emotional support and a sense of community and belonging.

You can learn from their experience. When you find out what worked for them and what didn’t you can make better decisions.

A support community

Brainy Gecko is developing a community of caregivers to support other carers who are struggling by sharing their experiences, struggles and how they coped.

Discover a support network that understands. Join our community today!

Even small gestures of kindness can have a significant effect.

Simply taking the time to listen deeply can give a person who is feeling overwhelmed and isolated courage and hope.

Learn to listen deeply and together we can build a solid community to support caregivers and survivors, helping them navigate the daily challenges they face with resilience and compassion.


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