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Curiosity Questions

Questions born in curiosity demonstrate that you are listening and interested in what the person you are speaking with has to say. Curious questions engage people at the unconscious level building rapport and trust.

The video below is a short introduction to the skill of Curious Questions included in the Mindful Communication online e-Learning training course.

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Polarities and problem solving

What is more important to you. To be fearful or fearless?

Opposites like these are in all of us. For example we have happy and sad, male and female, confidence and doubt and so on.

This video explains why polarities or opposites can have two correct answers and why we need both.


You can learn from their experiences (both good and bad) and avoid making the same mistakes.

Beginning in January 2018 BusinessBoost will bring you video interviews, Podcasts and links to blogs containing helpful tips for people who own or manage a business.

Topics will include everything that helps create and maintain a healthy profitable business.

  1. Modern Marketing Methods
  2. Business management
  3. Human resources management
  4. Business plans 
  5. Psychology.
  6. Exit strategies for business
  7. branding
  8. legal issues
  9. Taxation
  10. Retaining clients
  11. Copywriting
  12. Video
  13. Networking
  14. Sales

All of these topics topics and more will be covered starting in January 2018.

If you have a topic you want to learn more about please fill in the form below and tell us what you want more information about.


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