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How Leaders Get Listening Wrong

In this 3 minute video posted on LinkedIn, Social Psychologist and bestselling author Amy Cuddy explains how Leaders get listening wrong.

If you're a leader in any area of your life then this video is for you.

Click the large image of Amy to play the video.

Curiosity Questions

Questions born in curiosity demonstrate that you are listening and interested in what the person you are speaking with has to say. Curious questions engage people at the unconscious level building rapport and trust.

The video below is a short introduction to the skill of Curious Questions included in the Mindful Communication online e-Learning training course.

For more information visit brainygecko.com.

Polarities and problem solving

Polarities and Problem Solving

What is more important to you. To be fearful or fearless?

Opposites like these are in all of us. For example we have happy and sad, male and female, confidence and doubt and so on.

This video explains why polarities or opposites can have two correct answers and why we need both.

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