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Relationship break down

Is Your Primary Relationship Fulfilling Your Needs?

The Departure Lounge shows the path a relationship follows as you travel from bliss to break up. 
But importantly, we show you to you can stop this process from happening. However, there is one criterion that must be in place.
Both parties have to want a long-term relationship.
It starts with anxiety.

The 7 clues

We start the videos by exploring 4 types of anxiety, sources of anxiety and how it accumulates as anxiety-provoking events.

As the stress inside the person becomes more intense, they give 7 clues. The first hints of approaching trouble are verbal. These clues contain low-level frustration and anger. If these are not heard and responded to, the person will change long-term behaviour. 

If you want to enrich and enjoy a long-term relationship, The Departure Lounge videos show you how to do that. It starts early with crystal clear expectations.

make change your friend


Anxiety-provoking events build up, and people give 7 clues. If you care about the relationship respond.


The first two clues are verbal. If

these are ignored their behaviour will change.  


Behavioural changes are almost impossible to miss. If they are things are almost beyond saving.

Do these clues apply to business? 


How a ‘Deaf’ Company Lost Millions

Show me the money – A Case Study

A company Sales Manager retired, so they promoted their best salesman to the Sales Manager’s position.

But there were two problems. The sales rep didn’t want the job!

He was at an age where he realised that family and lifestyle had become were more important to him than working 24/7. He was a people person, not a desk-bound report writer.

The management and board of the company wanted results. Their attitude was, show us the money. The new sales manager made it clear to management that he was unhappy. They were deaf and chose to ignore his requests. It turned out to be a costly decision. 

So the new Sales Manager decided to leave the company.

 They lost their best salesman and 26 years of corporate knowledge, but it didn’t end there. Within eight weeks, 41 other members of staff also resigned.

The result? Annual turnover dropped by $3 million.