5 Simple Lessons For People In Business From a College Student’s Pet Dog (A light hearted look at some valid business lessons)


District 32 Business Tips from a cute dog Mary, a college student, pursuing her Business Administration Association degree in the United States of America obviously loves her dogs.

Observing her pet, she came up with 5 lessons for people in business.

Follow your nose

Dogs have a thing with sniffing. They want to smell everything because this way they can understand the world around them better! 

Dogs want you to do the same. Investigate everything around you! You should be aware of everything around you, only this way you will be able to be one step ahead of everyone! You can read Mary’s article here

I think Mary has a point because we all need to know what’s going on around us.

Investigate. Explore. Enquire. Keep abreast of current business trends

While I have no desire to go around sniffing what dogs do, I think the point she is making is valid. We need to be aware of what is going on in our world. What is happening around us.


District_32_Keep_up_with_modern_technologyHave you ever noticed that dogs get excited with every good thing that happens to them no matter how small? Well, you should do the same. If you achieve a short-term goal, then celebrate your victory. The positive attitude will improve your performance, and will make your coworkers happier! Therefore, you will be more successful, and happier in your workplace!

Many people in business have given the same advice. Celebrate your successes no matter how small!

loyalty and Friendship

Those of you who already have a dog, know the importance of loyalty between your dog and you! They trust you everything, and you always stay true to them. That’s why the bond between you is unbreakable!

On the other hand if you own a business and want to be successful, remember that your workers always should come first!

Today, with social media and reviews word of mouth travels at lightening speed. The Internet has given the customer more power than ever before, so it is a wise business person who puts their employees and customers first.

Remember, your customers can fire everyone in your organisation. All they have to do is spend their money somewhere else.

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Stay current – learn new tricks

Remember when you started teaching your dog tricks? How did you enjoy the first time they gave your their paw? Isn’t it the same you want to do in your business world?

For you to prosper in your industry, you need to keep up with new techniques, and be aware of the constant changes that occur!

If you always keep up, then you will be successful!

Again, Mary makes a valid point.

What is changing in your industry.  What are the current trends?  Where is the industry going?  What are the future trends? How can you take advantage of the trends?

If you are active in this regard paying attention to your industry and it’s future then you will stay ahead of the pack. You’ll beat your competition.

Be transparent

I absolutely love my dog’s transparency! This way I can understand when I have done something good or wrong, and try to always keep my pet happy.
Showing off your emotions will improve your communication skills. Never be afraid to show how you feel.

It is basic for the business world to admit when you are wrong, or right! Showing off your emotions will only help you to improve your business skills!  You can read Mary’s article here

Emotions drive sales

Follow-your-noseMary has the right idea regard emotions, and there is little doubt that emotional intelligence has become essential for managers and business owners. Empathy is the key. Get to know and understand your customers!

Remember, emotion is the driving force behind every purchase. We then think and seek reasons to justify the purchase.

Dogs are not devious. They are transparent. I think Mary’s message is spot on.

Be transparent – be honest in your dealings.

All of us at District 32 wish Mary all the best in her studies. We’re sure she will do well.

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