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Are your communication skills as good as they could be?

This Website Will Enable You to Enrich Your Relationships,

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Your happiness depends on the quality of your relationships

and the quality of your relationships depends on your

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The Fundamentals of all your relationships are the same

Do you believe that listening plays a major role in your relationships?

Would you like to take your listening skills to the next level? 

Do you feel that there is too much conflict and arguing in your life?

Would you like to handle conflict more effectively?

Are your expectations in alignment with your employer or partner?

Do you want to make a difference in your world?

Memories trigger emotion

When a person is speaking emotions are trigger inside you. This phenomenon gives you a valuable insight as to
what the other person is feeling.

Sad stories trigger feelings of sadness

Bad times evoke frustration, anger or fear 

Happy times trigger happy feelings

The Amygdala

The amygdala is your brains emotional control centre and it's fast.

When someone tells you a story your brain goes into action and before you know it a similar story in your past has popped into your mind.

And so does the emotion that went with it. Sadness, frustration or joy.

That emotion comes from the amygdala, you reptilian brain or as we prefer to say your gecko brain.

Which brings us to the next point.

Humans communicate at an unconscious level.

Humans NOT Consumers

In business you are dealing with a human being and you must stimulate their unconscious brain.

If you fail to do that their brain goes into neutral. You will have to work very hard to recapture their attention.

You must trigger their unconscious mind into action by evoking an emotional response.

So, even when you are face to face with the decision maker are you addressing the 'real' decision maker, the unconscious part of that person's brain that makes 95% of all decisions?

To do that you have to listen mindfully. But there is a problem and that is the amazing power of the human brain.

Are you 'really listening?

Think about it. What happens when you are talking with another person?

Are you waiting for them to finish so you can have your turn? Or does your mind wander off and you think about other things?

When someone has told you something you strongly disagree with have you been aware of how you're feeling?

Is it possible that you reacted not to what the person said but your feelings at the time?

And what about your children? Do you know that their stories tell you a lot about what is happening for them in their world?

‘Live An Enriched Life Through Your Relationships

And Make a difference in your world

one conversation at a time

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