Enrich Your Relationships

With Deep Listening

Imagine your life without family, friends or colleagues!

Over time healthy relationships can become too familiar. Our primary relationship can become boring. A repetitive pattern develops and we start taking our partner for granted. When this happens, small things we used to ignore become annoying, causing frustration to build.

If left unattended, frustration grows into anger and resentment, creating a distance in the relationship.

The  Managing Change, Mindful Communication, and The Departure Lounge courses show you how to keep your relationship alive by honouring your partner's uniqueness and individuality through Deep Listening.

Communication - The Single Most Important Part of Relationships

Communication is the single most influential ingredient that determines the level of satisfaction, meaning and happiness and productivity we experience within a relationship.

This website has one primary goal - to improve relationships for ...

  1. Couples and families - (Too many divorces do not need to happen)
  2. Caregivers - (Carers need a carer)
  3. Business - (Being a good listener is absolutely critical to being a good leader... R Branson)

Couples and families

Statistics demonstrate that Many marriages and primary relationships fail simply because of poor interpersonal communication skills. Separation and divorce is often avoidable.

Learning how to communicate, how to listen is the key factor. Yet listening is not part of the school curriculum.

Caregivers need emotional support

Caregivers become the silent victims and they need emotional support. Accidents, cowardly one punch victims and traumatic brain injury survivors such as stroke change lives in less time than it takes to brink. 

Business - Relationships are the key to productivity

Richard Branson has the right idea, Look after your staff and they look after your customers. Productivity is directly influenced by the degree of connection between team members, managers and employee. 

Couples, caregivers and business all rely on effective communication to grow and flourish.

This website shows you how to build healthy productive and meaningful relationships starting with how to listen.

The bottom line?

Better understanding of how humans communicate enrich relationships making room for growth and meaning. Check out how you can enrich your relationships.

Mindful Communication Courses

How to Manage Change

We grow, we mature we change. When we don't understand the process of change stress increases.

Understand what is happening, manage the change and make better decisions.

Enriching your relationships

This course demonstrates why communication fails and then gives you the skills to improve your communication. 

We show you 'HOW' to create long-lasting, meaningful, rich relationships.

Preventing  divorce

The Departure Lounge is a series of 6 short videos that show you how to stop small events from turning into marriage wreckers. Act early and prevent the pain and suffering of marriage breakdown.

Take advantage of our introductory offer and get all three course for $AU149.

Context of a Relationship 

These courses apply to all personal and business relationships.

Many businesses have realised that to improve their bottom line, they need to look after their staff. This philosophy is proving successful for many companies and businesses.

Forbes reported that Far from being too soft and mushy, it has been shown to increase productivity and the bottom line. 

The content of conversations will change depending on the context.  A conversation with your life partner will differ from a business partner.

While the context and content will vary the skills need to establish and maintain rapport and trust remain the same.