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Much of the conflict in our lives can be explained by one simple fact: people don't really listen to each other. (The Lost Art of Listening. Michael P Nichols.)

listening is the most used

but least taught skill we have!

Bringing together 39 years of experience in the communication industry I have applied the Mindful Listening Skills I have learned producing an online video based Mindful Listening Skills Course.

If you know how something works you can improve it.

  1. Module 1 explains why interpersonal communication breaks down
  2. Module 2 provides some basic but essential skills needed for Module 3
  3. Module 3 teaches advanced skills that will enable you to empower the people you listen to

Mindful Listening teaches us

How to listen 5.5 Minutes at a Time 

Our mission is to help people establish high-quality relationships in their professional and personal lives.

Can you remember your show & tell at school? How did you feel?

Have attended your child's or grandchild's show & tell or parents night? Remember how you felt as you watched them?

These are experiences you will remember forever because they generated an emotion inside you. It doesn't matter if the emotion was  good or bad it is the emotion that moves the experience into your long-term memory.

In business, if your message is going to inspire your target market to connect with you you must trigger an emotional response.

Believe it or not, this emotional response is also the biggest barrier to effective listening.

Images trigger emotion

1. Humans NOT Consumers

B2B and B2C is fine but, at the other end of the computer or phone you are dealing with a human being. A person.

People buy from People and it is a living breathing person that will make the final decision to buy or not to buy.

You may reach the decision-maker, but are you addressing the real decision-making part of that person's brain?

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2. A Saturated Marketplace

Every day your brain is bombarded with more than 3,000+ messages.

To keep you sane, you have an automatic filtering system that blocks most of these stimuli from reaching your conscious awareness.

The thing is, your prospects filter effectively blocks your message.

Can you bypass this filter? Yes you can!

Introducing the amygdala...

3. The Amygdala

The amygdala is the brains emotional control centre.

So, if you stimulate the amygdala by evoking an emotional response in your target audience you will get their attention.

Isn't getting the attention of your ideal customers half the battle?

But how do you do that? Get in touch today and find out how we can help.

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