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Is Your Marriage in Trouble?

Broken marriage

Do you have trouble expressing your feelings?

Are you starting a new relationship and don't want to make the same mistake?

Are you experiencing communication issues with your business partner or staff?

Struggling with teenagers?

Do you have the same arguments over and over again?

What If...

  • You could improve your relationship with your partner?
  • You could create a safe, successful and enduring relationship, together?
  • You could prevent future emotional pain because you know how to work through and celebrate your differences?
  • You knew how to end a relationship respectfully closing the door gracefully?
  • Reduce Conflict transforming disagreements into strengthening and growth opportunities?

It's possible!

Learn How to Build Positive Successful Communication

with Your Partner, Children, and Business Relationships.

Mindful Communication

When others talk, what we hear depends on us.

Transform your relationships and your life  with Mindful Listening and strategic communication techniques.

Our course equips you with practical tools to alter how you listen, so you enjoy more meaningful conversations with your loved ones, and in business and life.

The Mindful Communication course teaches you to listen and communicate effectively, so you hear and respond to what's really being said.

Learn how to Listen through a series of practical exercises. The course will equip you with transformative skills to allow you to enjoy more authentic relationships in every area of your life. 

You'll find clarity, reduce conflict and improve business productivity. And you'll finally feel satisfied and successful in your relationships.

It isn't that we don't want to listen, it's that we have not been taught how to!

"When You Talk, You Are Only Repeating What You Already Know. But, If You Listen, You May Learn Something New. The Dalai Lama

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What you will be able to:

  • Know when, how, and why communication breaks down
  • Listen deeply and respond to the underlying message in the person’s language and metaphors
  • Turn the table on your destructive critit
  • Teach your constructive critic to be specific going maximum value from their insights
  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Understand how you deal with stress and conflict
  • Identify the hidden beliefs that control your behaviour
  • Detect what is being left out of a conversation
  • Help people close to you to enjoy positive relationships
  • Communicate your feelings constructively
  • Reduce conflict in your life

Imagine Your Life Without Family, Friends, and Colleagues?





I have yet to speak to anyone who does not want to live a joyful, productive and fulfilled life but I have spoken to many who are struggling with communication in their relationships.

This is important because the quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationships, 

and the quality of your relationships depend on your ability to communicate effectively.

Ever thought about why some past events suddenly pop into your mind?

Next time someone tells you a story pay attention to what happens inside your mind. 

Did a story with a similar theme pop into your mind?

Did you the feelings you felt back then?

This story gives you an opportunity. Do you want to tell your story?

When you're in a group stay quiet and have a listen to what happens.

Someone else will tell a story with a similar theme to the one in your mind.

Notice how the story in your mind makes you feel. 

ad stories trigger feelings of sadness

Sad stories trigger feelings of sadness

Happy stories trigger happy feelings

Bad stories evoke bad emotions 

The Amygdala

The amygdala is your brains emotional control centre, and it's fast.

When someone tells you a story, your brain goes into action, and before you know it a similar story from your past has pops into your mind along with the emotion that went with it—sadness, frustration or joy.

That emotion comes from the amygdala, your reptilian brain or as we prefer to say your 'Gecko'.

The amygdala thinks in images. At the time of the event you experienced an emotion and that emotion was attached to that memory, that image.

You see a snake, and before your rational mind has registered the danger, you have already jumped over it.

Which brings us to the next point.

The Human Brain

The massive problem for interpersonal communication is the fantastic speed of the human brain.

If you want to get a person's attention, you must stimulate their subconscious brain—the Gecko.

If you fail to do that their brain recognises that this is of no interest to them.

If this happens you have to work very hard to recapture their attention.

To get their unconscious mind to take notice, you have to evoke an emotional response.

In business, even when you are face to face with the decision-maker, you need to engage their unconscious brain.

Are you 'really listening?

If 95% of our decisions are made by the unconscious brain, wouldn't it be good practice to target the unconscious?

But how do you do that?

Think about it. What happens when you are talking with another person?

Are you really listening or just waiting for your turn to speak?

Do you find yourself thinking about other things even when someone is still speaking to you?

And When someone has said something you strongly disagree with have you been aware of your feelings? Where does that emotion come from?

Did you really take the time to consider an response? Or was it just there?

Is it possible that you reacted not to what the person said but your feelings at the time?

If you believe that effective listening plays a significant role in your relationships

Or feel that there is too much conflict in your life

Would like to handle conflict more effectively

Respond skillfully when criticised

Want to make a difference in your world

And make sure your expectations are in alignment with your employer or partner then the Mindful Communication Course is for you.

If you believe that meaningful communication and relationships

are at the heart of your happiness, then click here.

‘Live An Enriched Life Through Your Relationships

And Make a difference in your world

one conversation at a time

Take your communication skills to a higher level and live an enriched life!

Why the name Brainy Gecko?

If you retrain your 'Gecko' you will make better decisions and

develop Long-lasting, healthy, productive relationships

Mindful Communication

Better Communication–Better Relationships

"When You Talk, You Are Only Repeating What You Already Know.

But If You Listen, You May Learn Something New." The Dalai Lama