Are you Caring for a Loved One?

Serious Injury

Shatters Dreams?

Has the man of your dreams survived a massive stroke. 

Is he still the man you fell in love with and married?

Has communication between you become hard?

There is hope

Our course teaches you the 'what and Why' of communication. We show you what happens in the human brain when people communicate with one another and why communication often fails.

But we don't stop there. Now that you know what goes wrong we give the tools to change or at least improve the communication.

Over six one 1 hour  sessions we teach you 14 practical easy to apply communication tools that will help you to reconnect with your survivor.

Each session contains stories from other carers describing the communication difficulties they have with their survivor. You will hear how they  dealt with situations that will be similar to yours. You will be able make real time adjustments choosing the action that is right for you and your individual circumstances. 

Complimentary session

As usual, you won't really know until you experience a session for yourself. Join us for a complimentary session and if you can get your husband to attend even better. 

Learn from other carers

While your story is unique to you many others have had similar challengers. The stories you hear from other carers may give you some ideas to make your journey easier.

At the very least you will know that you're not alone!

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The carer, the silent victim?

Man having a stroke

When a loved one suffers a stroke at least two people experience trauma.

The victim's trauma is obvious, but his wife also suffers trauma, but hers is emotional, silent.
Both survivor and supporter are changed by the experience and both need to learn how to reconnect.

Meet the Team:

Alan Cox

Alan Cox

Relationship Consultant

Alan, Konni, Brenda have modified Alan's Mindful Communication course to give survivors and carers hope... Read more

Konni Harrison - Stroke Survivor

Konni Harrison

Stroke Survivor

I was a fit, very active woman but one day I woke up to discover that my life had changed. Forever. Read more...

Brenda Roher

Carer &

Business Owner

Brenda's husband had 2 devastating strokes leaving him with... Read more...

Dr Jason McClosky Functional Neurologist

a Functional Neurologist, consults with the team making special guest appearances...


How Communication Accelerates Recovery for Survivors and Carers 

Stay up to date with the latest tips & tools for Survivors and Carers.

September 29, 2022


November 29, 2017


November 29, 2017


How 'Can We Reconnect?' came about.

November 2020. Konni harrison, a stroke survivor, took an online Mindful Listening course created by Alan Cox. She immediately saw how we could adapt the course reducing the communication gap between stroke survivors and their carers, and at the very least, make their life more bearable. 

Konni contacted Alan and soon, Brenda Roher, a carer, to join with them. Dr Jason McClosky joined the team as a consultant and special guest.

The result is a course dedicated to providing survivors of traumatic brain injury and their carers with information and tools to help them reconnect as they navigate their new life circumstances.


They Say

Dr Jason McClosky

Functional Neurologist

" Alan, I think what you have been building is insanely cool and put together in a way that will unmuddy many valuable concepts for people that really need it."

Brenda Roher


"Alan has helped me so much. I am thrilled to be part of something that will help so many people."

Traumatic brain Injuries can happen at any time. Stroke, concussion, an accident, or a fall can all cause an injury to the brain.

Any brain injury can result significant and dramatic life changes. 

Even though carers suffer emotional trauma they are often overlooked because their trauma is not as obvious as the stroke victims.

To help survivor and carer reconnect we show you what happens when we speak with other people.

We also offer 14 practical communication tools that can improve communication between Carer and Survivor.

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