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Make a difference in your world–one conversation at a time

We provide busy people with an online 3-step-pathway
that helps them enrich their lives through their personal and professional relationships enabling them to make a difference in their world
one conversation at a time

If you know how something works you can improve it.

  • Step 1 Explains when and how interpersonal communication breaks down
  • Step 2 Gives you the skills needed to avoid communication breakdown
  • Step 3 Now make a difference in your world one conversation at a time

What is the difference between your personal and professional relationships?

Make a difference in your world

one conversation at a time

Do you believe that listening plays a major role in your relationships?

Would you like to take your listening skills to the next level? 

Would you like to handle conflict more productively?

Do you feel that there is too much conflict and arguing in your personal and professional lives?

Are your expectations in alignment with your employer or partner?

Asa manager do you know what your employees are thinking?

Do you want to make a differnece in your world one conversation at a time?

For the business owner

Relationships with managers and coworkers are two of the top 3 reasons why people leave their job.

For personal relationships

57% of divorced couples stated that constant arguing was the primary cause of their relationship breakdown. .

Memories trigger emotion

1. Humans NOT Consumers

B2B and B2C is fine but, at the other end of the computer or phone you are dealing with a human being. A person.

People buy from People and it is a living breathing person that will make the final decision to buy or not to buy.

You may reach the decision-maker, but are you addressing the real decision-making part of that person's brain?

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2. A Saturated Marketplace

Every day your brain is bombarded with more than 3,000+ messages.

To keep you sane, you have an automatic filtering system that blocks most of these stimuli from reaching your conscious awareness.

The thing is, your prospects filter effectively blocks your message.

Can you bypass this filter? Yes you can!

Introducing the amygdala...

3. The Amygdala

The amygdala is your brains emotional control centre and it's fast.

If you stimulate the amygdala with an image you will evoke an emotional response in your target audience and this will grab their attention.

But how do you do that? Get in touch today and find out.

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