Caregivers - The Silent Victims!


To provide Survivors and caregivers worldwide the tools and emotional support they need to find peace, purpose and meaning in their lives.

"I just didn't care."

Stroke survivor

Larry - Stroke survivor

Larry was the CEO of three companies in New York when he suffered his first stroke. Following another two strokes his biggest decision of the day was whether he would go out for a coffee. 

He said, "I just didn't care"!

Those who have survived a stroke often have a tremendous sense of loss of identity, purpose and meaning. But their carers also  suffer the same sense of loss and loneliness.

"I don't matter anymore."

Brenda - Caregiver

Brenda, Larry's primary carer was suffering frustration, anger, and confusion.  She felt that she had lost who she was. She didn't have a life.

For a time, Brenda had indeed lost herself in her role of full-time carers for her husband Larry.

But that was 12 months ago. Watch the video below to see how they're going a year later.

Meet Larry and Brenda 12 months later.

"If the caregiver

feels like a wreck,

how can they support

the survivor?"


Brenda and Larry have joined with Alan Cox and the Reconnect-to-Life team to help carers and survivors

achieve renewed hope, meaning and purpose after the devastation of stroke, dementia or traumatic injury.

The courses

First we see why we have so many misunderstandings.

 Overview of Communication. What goes wrong.

Change is External - The Transition is Internal. 

Change isn't the problem, it's the transition.

When we begin to struggle, we give 7 clues.

Maintaining harmony 

Deep Listening gives you the skills you need to reconnect.

Peace - Purpose - Meaning