Reconnect to Life – Carers Need a Carer Too

Caring for a loved one who has survived a stroke?

Reconnecting  stroke survivors and their primary carer to life

Carers need a Carer Too

Reconnect to Life

Learn from other survivors and meet carers like stroke survivor Larry and his wife and primary carer Brenda, because they have survived a stroke. 

Join us for a complimentary introduction on Thursday, 24th August, 8pm USA EST and 8am  Friday, 25th August, Perth, Western Australia.

Meet Larry and Brenda and others who are caring for a  stroke survivor.

“I just didn’t care.”

Stroke survivor

Larry – Stroke survivor

Larry was the CEO of three companies in New York when he suffered his first stroke. Following another two strokes his biggest decision of the day was whether he would go out for a coffee. 

Larry said, “I just didn’t care”!

But today that is a different story. While still restricted Larry has reconnected to life and is using his extensive knowledge and experience advising business owners.

Now he is happier and enjoying life once again.

“I don’t matter anymore.”

Brenda – Caregiver

Brenda, Larry’s primary carer was also suffering frustration, anger, and confusion.  She felt that she had lost who she was. “I don’t have a life.”I don’t have a life.”

For several years, Brenda did lose herself in her role of full-time carer but, while they still struggle at times, Brenda and Larry are in a much better place.  

Join the free Zoom session and Meet Larry and Brenda where we talk about Introducing the Reconnect to Life Program for Carers and Survivors and meet Brenda and Larry and others.

Next session Thursday 8pm USA Eastern time. (Friday 8am Perth Australia.)

Why do we run this program for Carers and Survivors?

“If the caregiver

feels like this car looks, worn out and tired,

how can they possibly their loved one?”


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