What is Mindful Communication and Deep Listening?

Make a Positive Impact On Your Life


Mindful Communication and Deep Listening

Our relationships impact our lives at every level.

Your relationships give you love, support, and a sense of belonging. They give your life meaning and purpose.

However, in today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with information and stimuli via technology that gives us the feeling of being too busy.  This is often the reason we give when we fail to pay enough attention to our relationships, the source of our genuine happiness. 

Then there is trauma.

The trauma of divorce, severe illness, a sick child, caring for a stroke survivor, dementia or alzheimers sufferers or accident victim impact the patient and their primary carer.

One of the primary causes of divorce is poor communication. You can make a positive impact in your relationships with Mindful Communication and Deep Listening.

In our day to day personal and professional lives, our ability to listen to your spouse, partner, colleagues and customers  is more critical than ever before.

Mindful communication is…

  1. Knowing when to stay silent
  2. Withholding judgement
  3. Remaining fully present with the other person
  4. Being aware of but not speaking about your own thoughts or feelings
  5. Speaking with compassion and understanding.

Deep listening is when we pay full attention and stay in the present moment with the speaker. 

When we listen deeply, we:

  1. Hear the words that are being said 
  2. Pay attention to the speaker’s 
    • body language,
    • tone of voice,
    • emotions 
  3. Remain open to the speaker’s point of view, even if it differs from our own

Mindful communication and deep listening have become essential in our personal and professional lives.

  • In our personal lives, mindful communication enables you to:
    • Build stronger relationships
    • Resolve conflict more effectively
    • Improve your understanding of one another other
    • Feel more connected to each other
  • In your professional life, mindful communication can help you to:
    • Build stronger teams
    • Improve customer service
    • Increase productivity
    • Create a more positive work environment

That’s all wonderful But HOW?

The solution

We understand your time is precious, so we have designed a course combining the best of both worlds. Off-line and online.

The course includes:

  1. Short single-topic videos that you watch at your convenience
  2. Access to our private online community of current and past students
  3. A visual representation of the skills
  4. Email questions to our facilitator, who will post video replies in a private forum 

You can use all of the skills immediately. (Obviously, you will get better with practice, and that is what the community is for.) 

We guide you step by step through a predictable pathway as you progress through the course.

You are encouraged to join our community of fellow students and graduates from previous courses. In this community, you share Deep Listening experiences and learn from fellow students.

Mindful communication and deep listening skills can be learned quickly and refined with practice. The more you practice, the better you will become at it. And the better you become, the more rewarding your relationships will be.

Mindful Communication and Deep Listening

will impact your world making you

happier, healthier, and more resilient.