SP – Premium Bundle

Premium Bundle

The Premium bundle gives all 4 video courses that will enrich your life and those of your loved ones.

  • Overview of Interpersonal Communication
  • How to manage change effectively.
  • The Departure Lounge
  • Enriching your life
  • Join our Community and Make it Yours

Overview of Interpersonal Communication

Have you ever been interrupted before you have finished a sentence or story? 

The videos in the section explains why this happens and It is caused by the incredible power of the human brain. While it isn’t your fault we do need to retrain our brain.

Managing Change

Are you the same today as you were when a child?

Change is what happens to us. It is external. The transition is internal. It is how we respond to what has changed.

The problem is NOT the Change – It is the Transition!

Understanding the process enables you to manage change reducing anxiety that comes with uncertainty.

The Departure Lounge

Primary relationships between two individuals. Each person changes with time changing beliefs and attitudes leaving their partner confused causing the couple to get out of sync.

When this is starting to happen we give predictable clues, starting off verbally before we change long-term behaviours.

Deep Listening

We know what goes wrong the nature of change and the clues to listen and watch for when someone is feeling disconnected, now it’s time for the tools to help you to become an above average communicator.

Community: You Are Not Alone!

Life goes on and there will be ups and downs on your journey. Your community of fellow participants will be there for ongoing Learning, encouragement and support.