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What would your life be like without your

family, friends or colleagues?

Over time even healthy relationships can become familiar. A repetitive pattern develops and we start taking our partner for granted. (A pattern takes two people to build but only one to break it.)Patterns are broken when small annoyances we used to ignore start to aggravate us causing frustration to build.If left unspoken, frustration builds with each seemingly insignificant annoyance builds and frustration becomes anger. Resentment sets in and a distance between the couple gets wider.

Check out the courses that show you how to keep you feeling fully alive and secure within your relationship.

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Overview of Communication

Managing Change

The Departure Lounge

The Art of Listening

The Art of Listening

Critical for Rich Relationships

Communication is the single most influential ingredient that determines the level of satisfaction, meaning,  happiness and productivity within a relationship.

This website has one primary goal – to assist you to feel fully alive within your relationship …

  1. Caregivers and Survivors – (Carers need a carer)
  2. Couples and families – (Too many divorces do not need to happen)
  3. Business – (Being a good listener is absolutely critical to being a good leader… R Branson)
Caregivers need emotional support

Caregivers become the silent victims and they need emotional support. Accidents, cowardly one punch victims and traumatic brain injury survivors such as stroke change lives in less time than it takes to brink. 

Couples and families

Statistics demonstrate that Many marriages and primary relationships fail simply because of poor interpersonal communication skills. Separation and divorce is often avoidable.

Learning how to communicate, how to listen is the key factor. Yet listening is not part of the school curriculum.

Business – Relationships are the key to productivity

Richard Branson has the right idea, Look after your staff and they look after your customers. Productivity is directly influenced by the degree of connection between team members, managers and employee. And connection between your staff depends on The Art of Listening.

Caregivers and survivors, couples, and businesses all rely on effective communication to grow and flourish.

This website shows you how to build healthy productive and meaningful relationships starting with how to listen.

The bottom line?

Better understanding of how humans communicate enrich relationships making room for growth and meaning. Check out how you can enrich your relationships.

Mindful Communication Courses

How to Manage Change

We grow, we mature we change. When we don’t understand the process of change stress increases.

Understand what is happening, manage the change and make better decisions.

Business & Personal

This course demonstrates why communication fails and gives you the skills to improve your communication. 

We show you ‘HOW’ to create long-lasting, meaningful, rich personal and business relationships.

Carer’s Need a Carer

Any injury that leaves a person fully dependant on their spouse is devastating in itself.

Unfortunately the primary carer, most often the spouse becomes a silent victim.

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Poor communication – the leading cause of divorce!

Most people understand that good communication is vital to any healthy relationship. 

But when communication breaks down, it leads to misunderstandings, mistrust, and, ultimately, broken relationships. In fact, research has shown that poor communication is the most common reason for divorce because it lies beneath many (if not most) of the issues couples face. 

Poor communication causes problems to escalate until minor disagreements become major and we become a slave to our emotions. 

One of the parties may take the easy road refraining from talking about their feelings, hoping it will blow over. Unfortunately, staying silent means the offending behaviour will be repeated because the partner does not realise they have upset their spouse. 

Eventually, anxiety builds until it becomes too much for the hurt party, and the dam breaks. We then have ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’ situation. Where did that come from. I only …

Staying silent does not resolve the conflict but creates distance and tension until resentment, anger, and unspoken hurt destroys the marriage.