Have you Found Yourself in the

Role of Caregiver?

Are you feeling alone and isolated?

Do you feel abandoned by some friends and family?

Do you have feelings of burden, alienation and overwhelm?

If that sounds like you,

you’re in the right place.

Managing Change

Change is the only constant in life.

Carer's need a carer.

Caregivers are often silent victims. 

Your Support Community

Only another carer can understand

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Our mission

Our mission at Brainy Gecko's Caregiver program is to help caregivers find comfort support and provide practical tools to assist them in their role as caregivers. Join our community of peers because we believe that only other carers can truly understand what you are experiencing.

Supporting Caregivers 

Our signature caregivers program is designed specifically for people who have found themselves in the role of caregiver through unexpected life circumstances. You’ll learn practical communication tools that help you reduce frustration and conflict while rebuilding trust, connection and empathy for yourself and your loved one.

Our focus is on you as the carer so you can be better equipped to support your loved one. You’ll learn 12 life-changing and powerful communication tools that will help your loved one reconnect to life and to you, no matter how challenging their situation. 

To listen is the greatest gift you can give.