Have you Found Yourself in the

Role of Caregiver?

Caregivers need a Carer because Carers can…

  1. Feel alone and isolated
  2. Feel abandoned by friends and family
  3. Have feelings of “my life isn’t my own”.

Brainy Gecko’s mission is

  1. To help caregivers find comfort, support and provide practical tools to assist them in their role as caregivers. 
  2. We believe that only other carers can truly understand what you are experiencing.
  3. To help you reduce frustration and conflict
  4. Build or rebuild trust, connection and empathy for yourself and your loved one.
  5. To enable you to be better equipped to support your loved one.
  6. To help you and your loved one reconnect to life.

To listen deeply to another person is the greatest gift you can give.

If you want emotional support from people who can relate to you then

join our Community of Carers and Survivors.

Understanding change, what happens and how to deal with it is vital. The problem is not the change it is the transition!

What happens in the brain when people speak?  The power of you brain is the biggest barrier to good listening.

Deep Listening – 11 practical life changing skills. Creating a deeper connection with your loved one.

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