A Stroke Survivor's Story

As a stroke survivor how realistic are your expectations?

If you were Craig what would you do to improve your life?


I woke up and realised that I was in pain from the exercise that I did yesterday. And I asked myself this question, what am I trying to do?

I used to be able to exercise several times a week but now it's hard to do even one.

I have good intentions. I really want to make my life but nothing that I do seems to work out the way I would like.

In 2004, a comprehensive study of marriage in America found that 46% of divorces, sited unrealistic expectations as the reason for ending a marriage. Have you thought For me this highlights the importance of having crystal clear, realistic expectations.

I asked Craig, is it physically possible for you to do today but he couldn't do it yesterday? 

No, my expectations may not be real, but they are my expectations. I do not always want to deal with less than perfection.

But everything I've been taught about setting goals was to keep them real and achievable.

When I was 21, I have a severe accident. And one of my hobbies had been ballroom dancing. I had to give it up. Craig's stroke has limited his physical and cognitive ability. So is he setting the bar too high? Has anyone ever been able to reach the goal of perfection?

Is it helpful for Craig to compare what he could do before his stroke with his vote plus stroke? Isn't that like comparing apples with oranges?

So what happens when you hang on to unrealistic expectations?

Well, nothing remains stagnant. And if you try to stay the same, you will fall into a downward spiral.

This is the site for both survivor and carer. So let's return to the group and explore this question. 

Do you want to remain as you are?