The love of reading – the gift that lasts a lifetime


The love of reading – the gift that lasts a lifetime

Personalised books are the perfect gift. When a child develops a love of reading at an early age the benefits they gain last them a lifetime. Why? Because they absorb vital positive life lessons subconsciously.

In addition to the valuable benefits of mental stimulation, stress reduction, knowledge, and improved vocabulary, memory and analytical skills, each of the personalised children’s books for kids in the Lemon Tree Book Company’s library helps the child to absorb an important life lesson.

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These fun characters have a lot of fun in the snow. During the story the children learn how they can get a desired outcome by looking at things ‘step-by-step’ to work out a solution.

Logical thinking is another vital life skill that our personalised books help your child.


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In ‘A Magical Day’ they learn that they must ask their parent or guardian before ‘going to play’ with a stranger, even if they are a fairy!!

This is a safe way to start teaching the child in a way that will reach their subconscious mind.


private detective qNi8tx

 In ‘Private Detective’ they get to solve a mystery by working out the clues that have been given through the story which helps the ability to think for themselves. 

When a child can think for themselves they are more openminded and consider different ways of looking at things.

How do Personalised books set children up for life?

Because the kids are the hero in the story they connect with and emotionally identify with the character because they are the hero which means that they learn the lessons the main character is learning in a non-threatening environment.

The life lesson is delivered in a gentle way often while the child is sitting with the parent safe and secure which allows them to absorb the lesson gradually at the subconscious level.

 Personalised kids books – the priceless gift that stays with the child for life!

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