How Personalised Books Improve A Kids Self-Esteem 

By  Alan Cox

Self-esteem depends on your internal ability to generate positive feelings about your accomplishments — it’s not something other people can give you.

And though it seems counterintuitive, kids actually develop it by struggling and sometimes falling short when they face new challenges. Nonstop cheerleading can short-circuit that process and trigger a cascade of changes that ultimately erode kids’ confidence. Reference: How to Build Healthy Self-Esteem in Children

dreamstime xs 33929520 UW5Sam How can parents help build a strong self-esteem in their children?

One great simple way to build self-esteem in children

However, there is one very sure way you can boost your kids self esteem is the read to them. And, to make the experience even more powerful, give them a personalised book and read it to them.

You’ll be amazed at the look of amazement on their face.

Where you can find personlaised childrens books

Read more about how personalised books help parents and adults boost the child’s sel-esteem at Tracey Regan’s The Lemon Tree Book Company blog.

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Personalised children’s books – the gift that lasts a lifetime!



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