How Relationships are Formed

  • Stranger - Exchange of data
  • Acquaintance
  • Commitment - the honeymoon - the contract
  • Productive
  • Danger

December 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Are you stuck?Have you wondered about using social media and video to promote your business but get stuck?

With the arrival of the Internet, the world changed forever. And for small and medium enterprises this is wonderful news because it is now easier than ever to promote their products and service far more effectively and economically than ever before!

But you’re still stuck, right?

You want to use modern methods to get more leads and customers but it’s quite confusing and you simply don’t have the expertise or, more importantly, the time to learn how.

Marketing can be a time-consuming business. However, help has arrived.

Our logo is a relaxed man sitting on a beach enjoying a sunset. Why? because we take the stress out of your social media marketing and do it for you.

We have a 5 step strategy that takes away all of the drudgery and time-consuming tasks of constantly updating your social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn etc.. After 3 weeks you sit there and wonder what to write about today.

We solve this problem for you with our 7 step strategy.

  1. We research and locate current topics relevant to your industry
  2. Spend 3 hours per month with us and then we create the content for you.
  3. The content is optimised to get as many visitors as possible to your blog.
  4. When you have approved the content we have created we schedule the post to appear on a specified day of the week.
  5. Once published we promote the post on your social media channels attracting visitors to your website and/or blog

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