How To Reach Your Target Market – A Secret You Wish You Knew One Year Ago


How To Reach Your  Target Market – A Secret You Wish You Knew One Year Ago

The best way to your target market is with personas. Or is it?

The words you write aren’t for everyone, but they’re for someone. There is someone out there who is relentlessly surfing the internet, looking for your products and services. You know this because you did your research first.

If you can communicate with this person, you have a guaranteed sale.

There’s no hard-selling or strong-arming; just a little persuasive copy. Copy that’s cool, that attracts the best customers.

Before you can write for this person, you need to know who they are. Copywriters spend a great deal of time researching their audience. You need to do this too, trust me it’s time well spent and it works, because I’ve written this for you and you’re here reading it.

One way to think about this person is that they’re your “best customer.” They’re not your only customer. But if you aim at the best customer, or the one who most needs what you’re offering, you’ll get attract in others just like her.

It’s estimated that for most businesses, 20% of their customers generate 80% of their sales. It’s your job at the research stage to discover exactly who those 20% are.

What You Need to Know

You need to create a demographic profile of your customers. The demographic profile includes quantifiable data about your best customer, like their age, gender, ethnicity, location, income level, etc. This data will be in your business plan and your marketing plan, if you’ve done them.

You also need to take into account psychographic, the stuff that’s not quantifiable. This includes things like attitudes, fears, likes/dislikes, interests, motivations, and so on. This data should include how the person feels about the purchases they make, the companies they buy from, your industry, etc.

I know, your ideal customer might be like you, but she’s not you. She doesn’t get excited when Glee comes on the TV, she does love the X Factor though. That might not seem like a difference, but is it?

Creating a Customer Avatar

From all of this very specific research data, you can create an avatar of your best customer. You’re going to actually create a human being to market your products and services too because when you write for a real person your writing is a whole lot better. It will be an imaginary human being, but an important person nonetheless because she’s going to keep your copy, your words, inspired.

However, while all of the above is true it can be improved!

Because a persona that has been created from numerous character traits is still a figment of your imagination, and as such the person lives inside your head.

Try this for on for size.

Find an existing customer or prospect who fits the persona you have created. Yes, a real person and sit down and interview them.

We call this the Target Profile and we choose a real person who fits the persona.

Persona’s Vs Target Profiles

Everyone talks about personas but even though they’re based on a number of real people they are still fictional.

They are created by surveying your customer base creating a fictional profile that encompasses the key elements of your targeted consumer.

And that is the problem. A persona create from a cross section of your Target Market remains a  fictional person and can only exist inside your oun head!

You’re still inside your head and tapping (or tying to) tap into how your fictional ideal customers are thinking and feeling. It is almost impossible to separate self from your persona.

You keep your fiction character in mind as you write and it sort of works. But does it work as well as it could?

There’s an American Indian saying that goes something like this; “You can’t judge another person until you have walked two moons in their moccasins”. In other words you have no idea as to what goes on in any one else’s mind. You can try but you are still inside your own head!

But what if you created a persona based on a real person say, called Nigel. Nigel is a person you can talk to. You can see him and how he responds to your questions.

When you talk with Nigel you are tapping into Nigel’s emotions, his frustrations, fears, overwhelm and uncertainty? You see how these issues are effecting him. You can get a feel for the extent of the problems he is facing. You do not need to create your perfect customers persona in your imagination. Yes it is created based of research but that is still only data.

A Target Profile is an accurate record of how a real living breathing human being is suffering from the problems that your product or service can solve for him.

And because Nigels is typical of your target market every person in Nigel’s situation will ‘get it’. They will connect, relate to your message at an emotional level because it contains real emotions.

What have you got to lose?

Find a ‘Nigel’ or a ‘Jane’ in your existing customers or someone who fits the fictional persona you have created and talk to them. And then create a Target Profile.

I struggled for years creating personas but failed. As soon as I create target profiles based on people in my target market and interviewed them it all came together.

My business has three target markets and I have created three target profiles for each area.

Argh – Interview!@*%# I hate doing interviews and what do I ask.

Well there are three simple questions that can get you started and keep you on track.

Get them to list their all of their problems – (when they pause ask them if there are any other issues that cause them difficulty?)

Hitting the TargetWhat is your main problem?

Why is it a problem?

What will happen if the problem remains unresolved?

Repeat this process until you have address all of the problems.

Hit your Target Market with your Target Profile and cusotmers in a personal way.

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