Content Marketing – The Only Safe Way To Generate Traffic To Your Website


Content Marketing & Authority websites and  are the future!

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Be Safe!

Web sites with accurate, quality content consistently refreshed become authority sites and the only safe way to be sure of maintaining your website traffic.

The only way to create an authority website is to provide quality information that is relevant to your audience. When you provide, relevant authority information you build trust in your brand.

The content must be popular, information that people want to read, and it must be fresh, relevant, accurate and appropriate for your target audience. 

Content marketing takes time but produces long-term results

“If you focus on making good content, it will attract lots of engagement. That is what will get more and more people to click and soon enough, it will become more relevant to the search engine.” Reference Social and SEO Work Better Together | SEW

What Are Marketers Doing Right? 

“Marketers have figured out that the idea of content marketing works,” says Nick Stein, senior vice president of marketing at Vision Critical. “If you look at the numbers that came out last year from the Content Marketing Institute study that 86% of companies are doing it, it’s obvious that marketers are understanding that content is the way to open up a conversation with a prospect.” We couldn’t agree more. Nick Stein 5 CMOs On Crafting Your Content Marketing Strategy | B2B Marketing Insider

Content Marketing

From real estate brokers to apartment communities and interior designers to tech companies, all the major companies are now switching to Content Marketing Services in USA UK Canada India Australia. The major reason for this drift is the growing market competition and the need to survive in it. Reference Content Marketing Services in USA UK Canada India Australia

But – the big problem for SMEs is TIME!!!

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I can’t even look after my case studies let alone write an article every week! Jackie Campbell. Indoor Air Quality Solotions

Jackie is not alone. A lack of time is a common problem for SMEs.

We understand that SMEs are time poor, and they often experience stress and frustration when it comes to marketing let alone having the time to write a weekly article that provides good accurate information!

Show & Tell Marketing create high-quality, accurate content for your business accessing the most current, popular information available. We will write an opening and closing. All you need to do is check the content for accuracy, re-write a few paragraphs if you need to, and that is all you need to do. Spend a few minutes per post (not hours) and build an authority site using long tail keywords (the buying keywords) with quality links at the same time.

Relax because we do it for you

You can relax and do more of what you want to do because we have the know-how and the time and we do it all for you.

Videos for even more traffic

Adding videos to your posts is an awesome way to generate even more traffic. This has been proven over time because video is recognised as one of the best marketing tools in history.

We can help because we produce videos as part of our service.

Email us now and we’ll get started.

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