Can You Imagine Spending 7 Days In an Environment like this? (And Working On Your Business?)


Sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and get out from under to clear the mind and give your subconscious the time to help you.

I am on day 2 of a 7 day course in Ubud Bali.

The first day we explored values beliefs and how they influence our lives and our businesses. 

In the relaxed atmosphere we are enjoying a marvellous balance of intense work with relaxation.

We are able to spend time haring ideas, knowledge, experiences and simply sharing our lives with one another.

The pace is such that we are able to absorb the learning by sharing with one another, people from all over the globe, all with something unique to offer.

It’s a rich and open environment that virtual guarantees some very positive outcomes.

We have all heard that we must work on our business and not in it – but how can we do that in a hectic and stressful world?

So, take the time to get your balance between work and family life and you will grow your business.

At the very least you’ll be far happier enjoy your life a lot more

About the author 

Alan Cox

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