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Tips for Online Videos That Convert

"People now more than ever, crave authenticity and transparency.”

A few weeks ago, Lorraine mentioned in a post that she loves my style and asked how do you do it?

I'm not sure if she really wanted an answer or not, but it did start me thinking.

Just a little history

As a result, I have 15 tips that have worked for me.

The tips have come from over 37 years experience in editing over 40 documentaries for International television, hundreds of corporate videos, producing and editing segments for lifestyle programs and directing voice-over recordings for television commercials.

Gut feeling

I would 'feel' when it was right but couldn't articulate why I felt it was right. I went with my gut. It felt right.

Anyway, long story short, many years ago, I started to research what was behind the feelings. I wanted to be able to articulate why I liked a particular take on a commercial or a version of the voice-over, which brings me back to Lorraine's question.

I thought about it and decided to make a list of 15 key points that I believe are important when recording a video for your business.

If you want to view the videos and the transcript, please fill in the form below, and I will send you the link.