The Power of Metaphors – Example – Brainy Gecko

How Metaphors Reveal Our Current Pain or Joy

This video is an example of how a 14 year old girl's

stories revealed her current pain. 

This video is an example of how a business woman's

story revealed her current pain. 

Just becoming aware of the meaning of the metaphors is often enough for the person to resolve the issue for themselves.

Sometimes they need to be referred to a professional psychologist who can help them deal with the past event or events that have become troublesome for them.

Please note: The Mindful Communication Course does not train you to be a professional counselor. We train you to be able to bring a person's struggle into their conscious awareness so that they can deal with the issue their own way. We empower them to choose what to do about it.

The choice is there's to make. As a graduate of the Mindful Communication Course you make a difference is people's lives one conversation at a time.

Happy listening. 🙂