The Departure Lounge

When we are beginning to disconnect from a relationship we give 7 clues.

Verbal Clues.

The first two clues are verbal and contain frustration and low level anger.

If you respond to the person's appeal for help now you have a great chance to prevent further disruption.

However, if you ignore the verbal clues they will give 5 more chances.

Behavioural Clues.

 The person will change long-term behaviours getting more obvious as they move towards the departure longe. 

The closer they get to leaving the harder it is to save the relationship.

Once again, these changes of behaviour can be predictable.

And they wait - but there is a problem!

Nothing has changed.

 The person will wait for around 6 to 8 weeks before giving up and moving on and disconnecting from their relationship.

They reinvest their time and energy into a new relationship.

But, because nothing has changed they move from one relationship to another. They are like a ticking time bomb. 

Make Our Community Yours: 

It doesn't have to be like that!

As life goes on your primary relationship and friendships  will experience ups and downs.

Join this community and enjoy ongoing Learning, encouragement and support from fellow participants.