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The Amygdala - Your Brain's Power House

The Brains Reward Network

The amygdala is our most primitive brain and is often referred to as the reptilian or lizard brain. 

Harvard Marketing professor Gerald Zaltman claims that 95% of our thoughts, emotions, and learning occur without our conscious awareness. This claim is supported by current brain research using fMRI and EEG technology.

Traditional marketing engages 5% of the population.

For decades tradition marketing has been targeting the 5%, the conscious or rational mind.

But, if most of our decisions are made subconsciously, doesn't it make sense to target your marketing at 95% of your prospect's brain?

Obviously, we do so we have dedicated this website to bring you tips and tools that will enable you to sell to the 95% of you're prospects brain.

Their unconscious!

Marketing Smarter doesn't just mean using your brain; it means using your customer's mind too!

So what does this mean for the owners of small and medium businesses?

Science has shown us where and what part of our brains light up as we watch a video, presentation, look at an advertisement, photo or reading text. But it doesn't tell us how to push the buy button in our customer's brain!

Market to the unconscious brain