Is it normal for married couples to fight?

Is it normal for married couples to fight?

Yes, it is reasonable for couples to have arguments and disagreements. In fact, it can make for a happy, healthy relationship because no two people will process life in the exact same way.

My wife and I got together when we were 16 and within a few months were an item. 

The early years were full of arguments, fights and breakups, but we are still together. When we announced that we were getting married most of our friends didn't think we wouldn't last. 

Well, we're still together today, and one of the reasons that we are is because we fought.

Instead of viewing arguing as a bad thing, psychologists agree that relationship conflict can actually be healthy because it provides an opportunity to learn about your partner. 

I have heard some couples claim that they have never had a fight or disagreement and, if that's true, they are a rare couple indeed. But, it doesn't necessarily mean that the relationship is healthy. 

For most of us, arguing or fighting is a normal healthy part of life.  

It is how we establish boundaries, express our opinions, and maintain our identity. It is what makes us individuals within a marriage or a committed partnership. 

A healthy marriage is when you have two independent individuals living and enjoying a shared life. One is not entirely dependant on the other. They are a team.

Be assured, it is normal to have arguments and disagreements with your partner.

There is no one correct formula when it comes to frequency of conflict, and there isn't a way to navigate conflict that's right for all couples.

 When couples fight, it means they care about the relationship.

The thing is to fight productively.