Stuck at Home and Struggling? – Brainy Gecko

Stuck at Home and Struggling to cope?

This video will help you deal with the sudden dramatic changes that have swept our country in the past few weeks.

Is there anything you can do to change the situation? No there isn't.

But you can control how you think about it and to reduce the impact it has on your life. This video shows you how to do that.

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For those who prefer to read.

At the moment, everything seems surreal? Is this really happening?

We can't be spontaneous anymore. Social gatherings banned, weddings cancelled, businesses are struggling, and many people are working from home.

Couples are spending way more time together, unable to get some alone time.

And, spare a thought for people working from home with young children wanting attention. If that doesn't lift stress to a whole new level, you're superhuman.

All of this means that stress has gone through the roof. Marriages will be under more significant additional strain.

Children will feel the fear in their parents and will, in turn, be afraid. They do not understand what is happening.

The shock of what has happened has left many people frozen, stuck, afraid and unsure of the future. Many are worried about their jobs, about what comes next. What will my life be like when it's all over?

But, the fact is that we do have to deal with these issues as best we can.

How do you usually cope with change? Do you embrace it, avoid it, or does change frighten you?

Well here's how you can get unstuck, at least to some degree.

The problem isn't the change - it is the transition. You have zero control over what has changed, but, you have total control over how you respond.

And that means that you have to make the transition. The transition is the internal acceptance of what has changed and how you can best cope with it or even take advantage of it.

Transitions have 3 components.

Endings. Confusion. Beginnings.

Every transition starts with an ending, then moves to a time of confusion before new beginnings can emerge. If you follow and engage with this process, you will find the next few months much more tolerable.

So what do you need to end?

Sit down and make your personal list. And then sit with your partner and create a joint list. If they are old enough to make a list with your child and talk to them about it.

Do you need to let go of your freedom?
Are you stuck at home and longing to visit your children and/or grandchildren?
Are you hanging out for a quiet meal at your favourite restaurant?
Do you want to go to the beach?
Do you want to be able to interact with your friends?
Have a party or meet for a coffee?

List as many things that you want to do at the moment, but can't. Then review your list to determine if you can 'let go' of those desires and needs for as long as it takes.

If you can accept and let go, stop longing for things to be like they were yesterday, then you will find the next few months a lot easier to bear.

The same goes for people stuck in hotel rooms for 14 days of isolation.

By refusing to eat and complaining about their circumstances, the 14 days will feel like 44. Yes, they are bored and want fresh air, but that is not the reality for a least 14 days.

Wishing it didn't happen only increases your frustration and anxiety levels and will impact your relationships.

Does blaming others for what has happened help you?

By stating and writing down what you are going to miss will help you clarify what has changed so you can begin work on what you can do. How you can occupy yourself and family within the new confines.

So the first part is letting go. It is ending. What you could do yesterday you can't do today. So let it go.

Then comes the confusion.

As you let go of the old, you enter a time of confusion. You haven't fully let go and still can't see what you can do.

But, the more you accept the ending, the more room your mind has to come up with new ideas. Less worry, more creativity.

The time of confusion is a time when you feel that you aren't in control. You can feel adrift and aimless. But this part of the transition process is necessary because it clears the way for creative thinking and finding solutions, however temporary they may be.

Let your unconscious roam free.

Sure, it is hard, and it will not remove the problems and issues you face, but you will find it easier to cope, and the stress you experience will be reduced. You will be more positive and better able to bounce back when things start to work again.

Even if you can reach a state of acceptance, you will feel a lot better.

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