We Grow - We Change!

Most people struggle with change at some time in their lives because external and internal change Will Be Your Companion for Life.

External change

Life is unpredictable and things we can't control happen. Internal change is also constant because we grow and mature as we experience life.

Internal Change

Males and females face internal challenges at different times of life which results in conflict within relationships that destroy marriages, friendships and business partnerships.

Change is an Opportunity for growth

When you understand what is happening the changes you experience are an opportunity for learning and growth.

make change your friend

Change Is Not The Problem

It Is The Transition!

External change is what happens. You or a loved is diagnosed with cancer, get promoted or has an accident. You get married, have a child, move into a new home or get divorced.

Even good changes require you to make the transition.

Business relationships

Do changes affect business relationships?

Can't you leave home issues at home and visa versa?

Sure you can segment the two environments to a degree but can you stop thinking about your sick child, spouse or parent while you're at work?

Can you totally forget about the fight you had with your husband or wife that morning?

And what about a teenager playing with recreational drugs?

I believe that it's impossible to completely separate personal and professional life. I explain why in the Mindful Communication Course. Click the button below to learn more. 

Case Study

How a promotion cost a business their best salesman.

A company Sales Manager retired so they promoted their best salesman into the Sales Manager's position.

Only there's a problem. Just a few months into the new job, he is unhappy. The management and board of the company are ignorant of this and apply pressure to him.

We want results. Show us the money attitude.

The trouble is he hates the role of sales manager. The board had unrealistic expectations. His advice was ignored.

So the new Sales Manager made the decision to leave the company.

If management were aware of his inner turmoil, they ignored it. In the process, they lost their best salesman and 30 years of corporate knowledge. They needed to recruit and train a new salesperson and a new sales manager– a very costly exercise.