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Are you feeling a sense of loss, disorientation, uncertainty, confusion, and fear?

It's times like these that put our

relationships under extreme pressure.

The Mindful Communication Course gives you Strategies

That Help You Cope With Anxiety, Confusion, and Uncertainty.

The videos below give you a brief introduction

to the skills you will learn.

The Mindful Communication Course gives you strategies that help you enjoy deeper, more meaningful and productive relationships.

The videos below give you a brief introduction to the  Mindful Listening skills that will lift your listening skills to an elite level.

Intro - Story Listening

Next time you are talking with someone pay attention to what happens in your mind.

Someone talks about their child's school, a marriage being cancelled, someone stuck overseas, in quarantine, got cancer, had an accident, a story with a similar theme will pop into your mind.

That story is perhaps the most significant barrier to active listening. But is it also one of the most potent listening skills you can learn.

Story Listening part 1 video goes here Counter story

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Story Listening part 2 video goes here Metaphors

When you learn the skill of Story Listening, you will never be able to 'listen' the same again.

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The next skill is the Perception Check. Although people want to talk about how they are feeling most are afraid to because of being judged or humiliated.

The skill of Perception Check is a caring skill because it demonstrated to the speaker that you are listening and you do care.

The next skill is the Behaviour Description enables you to describe observable behaviour such as words, tone of voice and body movement without, judgement, accusations, or name calling.  

Questions asked from genuine curiosity engage other people and build rapport and trust and learning far better than statements.  

Advanced Skills

The skill of Direct Expression of Feeling is important because many people express their feelings indirectly in a way that is not constructive. This skill shows you how to deal with feelings in a way that leads to deeper communication and understanding.

Dealing with Emotions Video goes here

Do you ever feel powerless or stuck for words when someone criticises you?

Criticism is often used so the critic can feel better about themselves. This video introduces you to two skills that show you how to deal with the critic and then take control of the situation.

The idea of driverless vehicles has been around for a while now. But now there are reality. But, have you ever noticed that you react the same way in some situations? When faced with a challenge what is the first thought that enters your mind? These thoughts and your subsequent behaviour are unconsciously driven by your deep seated beliefs systems. These are often referred to as your Life Commandments. This video introduces the skill of Life Commandment Listening.

What isn't said is often more revealing than what is said. The skill of Story Polarity Listening demonstrate how you can hear both your own and others automatic triggers. 

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