Do You Think That

You're A Good Listener?

In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal ChangeStephen R. Covey wrote 

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

According to research cited by Wright State University, while most people believe they are good listeners who don’t need to improve their listening skills, the average person listens at only about 25 percent efficiency.

The article goes on to state, “Research has found that by listening effectively, you will get more information from the people you manage, you will increase others’ trust in you, you will reduce conflict, you will better understand how to motivate others, and you will inspire a higher level of commitment in the people you manage.”

Communication Fails
Because We Fail to Listen!

Meaningful relationships is a basic human need. Without love and belonging humans will live a very lonely life. The question that frightens most single women is this.  "Am I destined to live alone for the rest of my life?"

Meaningful relationships are at the heart of an living an enriched joyful and meaningful life... 

 ...and Mindful Listening is at the heart of healthy relationships.

Mindful Listening builds deep meaningful lasting relationships.

If you take this course you will become more confident, feel great about yourself and build endurable rich relationships.

You are never alone

Our 3 step process guides you through the course and you are never alone. You are supported with email, a forum, video conferencing and one-on-one coaching is available.

Lets have a look at how it works...

The first question your Dr asks when you visit them is what's wrong? 

Because they can't fix your problem if they don't know what's Happening!

Module 1 - Diagnose the Problem

 Why Conflict Occurs

Find out why the awesome power of your brain is responsible for communication breakdown. 

Become More Confident

Become more confident and establish positive lasting relationships.

The Communication Gap

The Interpersonal gap explains how and why misunderstanding and conflict occurs.

Deeper Understanding

When you have an insight into the other person it is easier to be more patient and tolerant.

Module 2 - The Solution

Mindful Listening skills

 How to Reduce conflict

Misunderstand are at the core of most conflict. We show you how to get clarity and reduce conflict.

Ask the Right Question

When you ask the right question at the right time in the right way you discover more valuable information.

Healthy Relationships

How to fix a relationship is 5 minutes. We show you how to maintain long-term relationships.

Metaphor Magic

Help the person help themselves. That is the power of this skill. You open the door for them to resolve their issues.

 Discover hidden beliefs

Beliefs formed from childhood dictate your behaviour today. Uncover these beliefs and gain control.

Cut to the chase

People will usually give four reasons before they get to the real issue. Learn how to get to the real problem.


Listen for What Isn't said

What people don't talk is as important as what they do. Learn how to listen for what is left out.

Dealing with Criticism

We show you how to respond to criticism effectively preventing the critical cycle from starting.

Mindful Communication eLearning

Meaningful Relationships – Mindful Listening Skills – Make a Difference 

We all need to feel valued, that we belong. When you listen mindfully to another person... demonstrate to them that they are valued, respected and that they belong.

Module 3 - The Experience

Experiencing the Skills

Practicing the skills and experiencing the skills is essential if the learning is to be transfered into your long-term memory.

Reduce Conflict

If you reduce misunderstandings then you will reduce conflict. Learn how to gain clarity and remove the potential for conflict.

What our customers are saying:

In just 5 minutes I discovered what went wrong with my marriage...

When Alan showed me the Pinch Crunch model that explains how to maintain a healthy lasting relationship I understood what went wrong between my ex husband and myself.

If I had known this back then, things might have been different. 

As for the future I am confident that my next relationship will be stronger because of this knowledge.  Now I want the skills so I don't make the same mistakes again. 

Lorraine Garvie  //  CEO District32

I didn't feel that I was good enough...

As a single Mum I needed someone to talk to, someone to really listen to me.

Alan gave me the insights that enabled me to see the possibilities and choices I have. I recognised some deep seated beliefs that, as an adult, were no longer valid.

The clarity and understanding I now had showed me how to find my own solutions. Being able to talk it through and not be judged was so refreshing and helpful.

One thing I know for sure, when my next relationship arrives it will be very different and I will have the tools to give it the best shot at lasting a lifetime.

I am now going to encourage my daughter to take the course because it will help her avoid the problems I have had. 

Tracey regan  //  Director Lemon Tree Book Co

The secret

How many times have you told someone about a problem you have and they leap in immediately with a solution. It is frustrating because all you wanted to do is talk it through. You weren't looking for a solution but you got one anyway.

Your role

The goal of this course is to give you the skills to listen deeply. It is NOT your job to FIX the other person. Your job is to listen between the lines, without judgement and feedback to the person what they reveal to you.

Your task is to bring the insight they give you and help them bring it into their conscious awareness. Then they can resolve the issues themselves. What they choose to do with it is their responsibility - not yours.


You set them free and empowered them with the ability to deal wit their own issues. You will have heard of the saying, If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.

Our goal is to empower you and for you to empower others.

The Pathway to an Enriched Life

1. What happens:

We start with knowledge by exploring what happens in the brain as we communicate with another human being?

2. The tools you need to live an enriched life:

Having established what happens we now teach you the skills you need to build relationships that give you what you want. Security, intimacy, trust, acceptance, and belonging.

3. Put your new skills into practice.

When you complete this course your learning does not stop there. We connect you with groups of fellow participants so you can practice and experience the skills. Now you're ready to put them to use helping others help themselves.


Module 1: The problem isn't that we don't want to listen we just don't know how.

Before we can improve listening skills we need to know why most people don't listen effectively. And that's what we explore in the 1ts module.

When I first learned about this information I was amazed.


Module 2. Now that we know This module starts with basic skills such as Paraphrase, Curiosity Questions, Perception Check, and behaviour description.

We then move onto some advanced skills including...

Metaphor Magic, Polarity Listening, Belief Systems Revealed, and dealing with emotions and criticism are some of the skills included in this module.

When I had learned these skills I wondered why they aren't taught in schools.


Module 3.

Now you know what happens and have the tools to listen mindfully you need to embed the information and the skills into your long-term memory.

We do this providing you with the opportunities to experience and practice the skills. Then you're ready to share your new abilities helping others.

It was only by experiencing and practicing the skills that I was able to 'Listen' and make a difference helping other people. 

Alan Cox  //  Author

Alan has worked in the communication industry all his working life.

In the late 90s Alan attended a Listening Skills 5 day workshop. The following year he was trained by the author of the course to facilitate it.

Since then he has led the course numerous times and listen to people from all walks of life.

Using his extensive experience in crafting videos that deliver the message he has converted his knowledge into this online Mindful Listening Course.

He met his wife Mary when they were 16 and they are still living happy together..

Marc Jacobs

One thing we absolutely guarantee:
When you finish this course you will never be the same again.

Great tips for businesses!

For business, the information in the 'Departure Lounge' videos is invaluable.

Imagine being able to 'hear' when your most indispensable employee is thinking of resigning or your best customer is about to take their business elsewhere.


Dean keating  //  Director District32

No jargon...

As a psychologist I try to remove technical terms and jargon from my writing but it's hard. Alan has captured complex concepts transforming information into easy to understand everyday language.

I have never heard communication described so simply. Bye the way, some of the information Alan provides was new to me.

Susann Keating //  Clinical Psychologist

When you learn to 'listen', you make the world a better place!

If you believe that you can't improve your listening skills then this course is not for you.

However, if you want to enrich your life through your relationships  then click the button below and enroll now.

Learn how to maintain happy rewarding enduring relationships, reduce conflict, hear below the surface, idnetify old belief systems that are no longer appropriate in your adult life sign up up today.

Why wait? Mindful Communication – Strategies for a joyful life.

3 Simple Steps to...

Live a joyful life



100% Guarantee

We guarantee that when you finish the course you will never be the same again.

Alan Cox

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