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How To Build Better Relationships


We keep watching for you

You know how Meerkats watch out for one another. Well, to save you time we keep an eye out for you so we can bring you the latest practical marketing advice from the newest neuromarketing brain research.

I'm sure you have been told that to succeed you must Connect and engage with your ideal customers. But how do you do that?

The marketing and advertising tips we bring you will show you what to do and why it works. If you want to Find out you can benefit from snippets call Jodie 0421 311 812

Your prospect's subconscious

Connecting with your prospect's subconscious is critical because science has demonstrated that as much as 95% of the decisions you and I make are outside of our conscious awareness.

20 years ago Alan Cox discovered just how powerful the subconscious is and how it dictates decisions and behaviour.

Alan has worked with many people helping them to understand what is happening below the surface of their brains and how it affects them.

Now Alan and Show & Tell is applying the knowledge gained from years of personal experience to help people in business connect with the hidden unconscious drivers of their prospects.

Snippets – Bite-size easy to digest and apply  

Neuromarketing is our passion and we bring you useable practical tips in bite-size portions. Because they are small easy steps you can easily apply them to your business today.