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How You Can Engage the Subconscious brain of Your target market


It's Been Proven! Most traditional marketing Only targets 5% of the human Brain.

Now You Can Engage the Other 95%, Your Customer's Real Decision–Maker...

Their  subconscious!

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The tip of the iceberg
The brain is like an iceberg because there is so much activity happening out of sight beneath the surface.

Most traditional marketing has targeted the 5% for decades. Now, numerous research papers reveal and confirm what many have known intuitively.

The subconscious brain makes a lot of our decisions before the rationale brain even knows that a decision has been made.
It also tells us that we all make the first assessment in less than 500 milliseconds. Does your website pass the 500-millisecond test? Get in touch with us, and we'll tell you.

Show & Tell Marketing has taken this research and developed an exclusive 8 question checklist. We apply the questions to your website and give you a report to see if your marketing is engaging your prospect's subconscious brain.


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