Meaningful Relationships

If you don’t know what is wrong how can you fix it?

Module 1

Human's are complex and interpersonal communication can easily go wrong causing misunderstandings and unnecessary conflict. We explore where and why communication goes wrong. Module 2 gives your the skills to transform your relationships.

Module Structure

What you will learn

When you visit your Dr she askes you to describe the problem before she prescribes a treatment. That is the purpose of Module 1 diagnoses the issues giving us an understanding of why Interpersonal Communication breaks down.

4 stages of learning

When learning a new skill we all go through 4 stages of learning.

  1. Unconscious and Incompetent
  2. Conscious and Incompetent
  3. Conscious and Competent
  4. UnConscious and Competent

Lag Time

Our brain is the biggest block to effective listening. This video explains why.

Congruence in Communication

When the words you hear match the person's body language and tone of voice, you have congruence in the communication. 

The Interpersonal Gap

This lesson show why interpersonal communication breaks down. When you know and understand the process of interpersonal communication you can use the skills in module 2 to reduce  misunderstanding and conflict.

The Pinch Crunch Model

Have you noticed that all of your relationships have followed a definte patern? This video explains the predictable path of every relationship.

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