Meaningful Relationships

Module 2 – The Art of Transformative Communication – The Skills

Module 2

Module 1 posed a lot of questions. Module 2 shows gives you the skills to avoid relationship breakdown and how to build rapport, trust and deep relationships.

Module Structure


“There is no communication that is so simple that it cannot be misunderstood.”

― Luigina Sgarro

Perception Check

Ever been faced with a person having an emotional response to something you said? Did you know how to deal with it effectively? This video shows how to help a person in such a situation with the skill of Perception Check..

Behaviour Description

Some conflict is caused by people assuming to know what another person is thinking or feeling. This skill teaches you how to describe a person's behaviour in a way that removes the assumption and prevents conflict.that "you are angry,' or Why are you sad?" 

Curiosity Questions

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” ― Voltaire

Asking questions allows the conversation to flow and provides you with a lot of additional free information. Curiosity questions enable you to explore what isn't said. 

Story Listening Part – The magic of metaphors

This skill of Story Listening shows you how to listen between the lines. We use our 'Lag Time' to listen to repeated words, phrases and metaphors because they help you to help the person identify the issues they are currently dealing with. 

Story Listening is listening to the language inside the language.

Story Listening Part 2 – Types of Story

In this video we explore 5 types of stories that you will hear. 

Story Listening Part 2a - Summary - Types of Story

This is a short summary of the types of story people tell.

Story Listening Part 3 – Levels of Story

Just as you will hear different types of story you will also hear different levels of story. This video explores these levels and why we people use them.

Story Listening – Your Counter Story Part 1

The problem isn't the story teller, it's the listener's counter story!

Story Listening Part 5 – The Story Check

The story check transfers uncouscious issues into conscious awareness enabling the speaker to deal with the issue.

Direct Expression of Feelings and Emotions Hot-ButtonsPart 1

We all have 'hot-buttons'. learn how to recognise and gain more control over them.

Direct Expression of Feelings Part 4

Our emotional system can only take so much stress. And when it's approaching the limit of tolerable stress, our behaviours become more extreme.

Deal with Criticism and Negative Inquiry

Most criticism is used by the critic to manipulate you to behave in a way that makes them feel better. This video shows you how to disarm the critic and encourage them to be specific by using the skill of Negative Inquiry. 

Story Polarity Listening

What is left unsaid can be more important than what is said. This skill shows you how to' hear' what isn't spoken.

Life Commandment Listening – Revealing Hidden Belief Systems

Deep seated beliefs are most often formed in our early childhood to keep us safe and happy. Unfortunately, as an adult, many of these beliefs have outlive thier usefulness. In fact, many of them hold us back from achieving what we want in life.

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