Mindful Listening

Module 1 – The Foundation of Mindful Listening

Module 1

Most people are poor listeners. They don’t want to be but they don’t know how to become better at listening to their children, spouse, work colleagues, managers and staff. The first step to better listening is understanding when, why and how communication breaks down. Then you can learn can apply the skills you need to become a better listener and communicator.

Module Structure

1.2 What is Mindful Listening?

Mindful listening is when you ‘listen’ and ‘respond’ to what others are feeling, needing, and requesting

1.3 Lag time - Your extra brain Power

We speak at around 120 words a minute. But, our brain can process between 400 - 800 words a minute.

That is why you have plenty of time to think about what you're going to say!

1.4 Congruence in Communication

Your nonconscious brain is constantly scanning for threats and, in any new situation, it is on high alert. Your unconscious scans the other person checking to see if the words,  body language, and tone of voice match.

1.5 The Interpersonal Gap

This video shows how and why misunderstandings occur.

1.6 The Departure Lounge

The clues people give you when the relationship is breaking down.

1.7 Metaphor Magic

This video gives you a preview of one of the advanced skills included in the course. 

Metaphors are your unconscious speaking.

1.8 Stages of Learning

Musicians learn new skills so well because they understand the value of practice. They keep practising until their fingers bleed! 

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