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At this point you may be asking, “What is an enriched and joyful life?”

For me living joyfully is having meaning and purpose by having deep relationships. It is helping others to gain greater self-awareness so that that can enjoying happy, productive and enduring relationships.

A person living an enriched life is a person happy in their own skin. They know who they are and live content and confident.

For me that is what living an enriched joyful life is all about. Quality relationships and a high level of self-awareness.

What would your enriched life be like? 

The Pathway To An Enriched Life

1. What happens in your mind when is talking to you?

Ever reacted to a conversation and wished later that you had responded differently? We start by giving you the knowledge to understand your reactions by exploring what happens in the brain as we communicate with another human being. Then we show you a model that helps you build happy, productive enduring relationships.

2. How to live an enriched life:

A basic human need is for relationships that give us security, intimacy, and belonging. Relationships where we are accepted for who we are. The skills in this module show you how to reduce conflict by gaining more clarity in your interpersonal communication, how you can listen beyond the obvious to others and yourself that result in greater self-awareness and confidence building rich lasting meaningful relationships.

3. Put your new skills into practice.

When you enrol in the course you can choose to join out private Facebook Group where you meet other participants to experience and practice your new skills helping you to reach the unconscious competence stage of learning putting them to use helping others to help themselves.

Meaningful relationships are a basic human need.   Without love and belonging many humans can live a lonely life. 

Meaningful relationships are at the heart of living an enriched life... 

 ...Mindful Listening is at the heart of healthy relationships.

Mindful Listening builds deep meaningful relationships

When you take this course you will...

  • Gain confidence
  • Build enduring rich relationships
  • Increase your level of self-awareness
  • Clarify expectations
  • Reduce Conflict
  • Improve productivity
  • Understand opposing points of view
  • Identify your automatic responses  
  • Gather more valuable information


Step 1: The problem isn't that we don't want to listen, we just don't know how. Even though listening is the most used skill we have, it is the least taught.

Before we can improve our listening skills we need to know why most people don't listen effectively. And that's what we explore in the 1st module.

When I first learned about this information I was amazed.


Step 2. Now that we have learned the basics of listening, this module starts with basic skills such as Paraphrase, Curiosity Questions, Perception Check, and Behaviour Description.

We then move onto some advanced skills including; Metaphor Magic, Polarity Listening, and Belief Systems Revealed.

Before I took the course I was told that I would never be the same. They were right. This information and the skills I learned have changed my life.

I wonder why Listening Skills aren't taught in schools.


Step 3.

Now you know what happens and have the tools to listen mindfully you need to embed the information and the skills into your long-term memory.

We do this by providing you with access to a private group where you connect with fellow participants so you can experience and practice your skills.

It was only by experiencing and practicing the skills with other participants on the course that I learned that I was able to 'Listen' and really make a difference helping other people live an enriched life. 

Step 1 - Diagnose the Problem

What Stops Us From Listening Effectively?

 Why Conflict Occurs

Can the awesome power of your brain be responsible for poor listening? 

Become More Confident

Become more confident and establish positive lasting relationships.

The Communication Gap

Why we experience so many misunderstandings. 

Healthy Relationships

Fix a relationship in 5 minutes. Learn how  you how to maintain relationships.

Step 2 - The Solution
How to Listen Mindfully

14 Skills that help you Listen Effectively?

 How to Reduce conflict

Misunderstandings are at the core of most conflict. We show you how to get clarity and reduce conflict.

Metaphor Magic

Help the person help themselves. That is the power of this skill. You open the door for them to find their own solutions.

Healthy Relationships

We show you how to fix a relationship in 5 minutes. With a few newly learned skills you can maintain long-term relationships.

Listen for What Isn't said out loud

What people don't talk about is as important as what they do. Learn how to listen for what is left out.

Plus more skills including...

  • Discovering hidden beliefs
  • Hearing what isn't said
  • Dealing with criticism
  • The Linguist Bridge
  • Dealing with Emotions
  • Responding to criticism

We all need to feel valued and that we belong.

When you listen mindfully to another person you demonstrate to them

that they are valued and respected.

Learn how to live an enriched life full of deep, meaningful and enduring relationships and make Your World A Happier Place - One Conversation at a Time.

What our customers are saying:

In just 5 minutes I discovered what went wrong with my marriage...

When Alan showed me the Pinch Crunch model that explains how to maintain a healthy lasting relationship I understood what went wrong between my ex husband and myself.

If I had known this back then, things might have been different. 

As for the future I am confident that my next relationship will be stronger because of this knowledge. 

Lorraine Garvie  //  CEO District32

"I didn't feel that I was good enough...

As a single Mum I needed someone to talk to, someone to really listen to me.

Alan gave me the insights for me to recognise some deep seated beliefs that, as an adult, were no longer valid.  Being able to talk it through and not be judged was so refreshing and helpful.

I now have more clarity and understanding, not just listening to others, but listening to myself.  I even feel that I can help others to communicate better. 

One thing I know for sure, when my next relationship arrives, I will have the tools to give it the best shot at lasting a lifetime.

Tracey Regan  //  Director Lemon Tree Book Co

The Secret To Living An Enriched Life

How many times have you told someone about a problem you have and they leap in immediately with a solution. It is frustrating because all you wanted to do is talk it through. You weren't looking for a solution but you got one anyway.

Your role

The goal of this course is to give you the skills to listen deeply. It is NOT your job to FIX the other person. Your job is to listen between the lines, without judgement and feedback to the person what they reveal to you.

Your task is to bring the insight they give you to help them bring it into their conscious awareness. Then can then resolve the issues themselves. What they choose to do with it is their responsibility - not yours.


You set them free and empower them with the ability to deal with their own issues. "If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime."

Our goal is to empower you and for you to empower others.

Alan Cox  //  Coach

Alan has worked in the communication industry all his working life.

In the late 90s Alan attended a Listening Skills 5 day workshop in Deep Structure Listening. The following year he was trained and authorised  to facilitate the course by the author of the course John Savage,.

Since then he has led the course numerous times and listened to people from all walks of life.

Using his extensive experience in crafting videos that deliver the message he has combined his knowledge of video production and Deep Structure Listening creating this online Mindful Communication Course which includes Mindful Listening.

He met his wife Mary when they were 16 and they are still living happy together. They have been blessed with 3 wonderful children and 10 awesome grandchildren.

Alan Cox

One thing we absolutely guarantee:

When you finish this course you will know that you're making a choice.
To listen or not to listen!

Great tips for businesses!

For business, the information in the 'Departure Lounge' videos is invaluable.

Imagine being able to 'hear' when your most indispensable employee is thinking of resigning or your best customer is about to take their business elsewhere.


Dean keating  //  Director District32

No jargon...

As a psychologist I try to remove technical terms and jargon from my writing but it's hard. Alan has captured complex concepts transforming information into easy to understand everyday language.

I have never heard communication described so simply. Bye the way, some of the information Alan provides was new to me.

Susann Keating //  Clinical Psychologist

Our simple 3 step video eCourse helps to enrich lives through relationships.

If you believe that you can't improve your listening skills then this course is not for you.

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100% Guarantee

Our guarantee: When you finish the course you will alway have the power of choice. To lIsten or not to Listen!

Alan Cox

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