Survivors and Carers Traumatic Brain Injury

18 Lessons

Welcome to Mindful Listening

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Awareness 5 Lessons

Lag Time

The Amazing Power of Your brain

Congruence in Communication

How to get on the same page

The Interpersonal Gap

Why interpersonal communication is difficult.

How to develop and maintain strong relationships

A pathway to healthy long-lasting relationships

4 Stages of Learning

There is a process to absorb new information or learn a new skill there is a process.

Accountable 6 Lessons


Reduce conflict

Behaviour Description

Behaviour Description

Perception Check

How to check how the other person is feelings

Curiosity Questions

How to ask appropriate questions

Direct Expression of Feelings

Direct Expression of Feelings

Direct Expression of Feelings Part 2

Direct Expression of Feelings Part 2

Action 7 Lessons

Story Listening Part 1

The hidden messages

Story Listening Part 3

Summary of Types of story

Story Listening Part 4

The Counter Story

Story Listening Part 4a

The counter story part 2

Story Polarity Listening

Listening for in not said.

Life Commandments

We all have many beliefs that control our behaviour

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