Mindful Communication

Mindful Communication-awareness

1 Chapter 5 Lessons

Welcome to Mindful Listening

What is the first question your Doctor asks when you have an ailment? Yes, they ask you to describe what is wrong. And then they can offer a remedy. That is why this module is called Awareness. We diagnose why misunderstands occur so often.

Awareness - Lag-time 5 Lessons

Lag Time - Why Communication is so Hard

The power of the human brain is stunning and it's this power that makes misunderstanding and conflict so easy. See why in the short video. 


Congruence in Communication - Words,Tone of Voice and Body Language

When meeting someone for the first time have you ever felt that something about them was off but you didn't know what? If their words, tone of voice and body language do not match your inner alert system is triggered and the feeling that something isn't right is a warning to proceed with caution. 

The duration of this video is just 2 minutes 58 seconds.


4 Stages of Learning - The Learning Process and When Most People Give Up.

When we learn a new skill we pass through 4 stages until it becomes automatic and part of who we are.


The Pinch Crunch Model - Reduce Conflict by Planning for When Things Go Wrong. And they will.

Can you imagine living in total isolation? I can't. Humans need connection. We are social, and this means that our relationships are crucial for our happiness. Yet, developing and sustaining healthy relationships is not taught.

This video fixes that because we show you a simple but effective way to reduce conflict in your relationships.

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