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Welcome to Mindful Listening

What is the first question your Doctor asks when you have an ailment? Yes, they ask you to describe what is wrong. And then they can offer a remedy. That is why this module is called Awareness. We diagnose why misunderstands occur so often.

Action 8 Lessons

Story Listening Part 1 - The Magic of Metaphors

This is the first of 6 short videos describing the advanced skill of Story Listening. You will need someone to share this with. Watch the videos with a trusted friend so you can practice and experience the skill for yourselves. The power is when you transition the skill from theory to practical application by using and experiencing the skill. 

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Story Listening Part 2 - Types of Story

People tell types of story starting with data back then.

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Story Listening Part 2a - Summary Types of story

This video summarises the types of story you will here.

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Story Listening Part 3 - levels of Story

Levels of story

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Story Listening Part 4 – The Counter Story

The counter-story is another reason why we fail to listen deeply to another person.

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Story Listening Part 4a - The Counter Story 2

As the speaker moves closer to self-reveal staying with them becomes harder. This is where your level of self-awareness is critical.

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Story Polarity Listening - What is Missing?

Quite often it is what people don't say that is important. This skill shows you how to identify and 'hear' the deleted information. These skills show you how to discover the missing element.

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Life Commandment Listening

We all have beliefs that cause us to react to specific situations in the same way automatically. Some of these beliefs are good for us but others can be destructive. This skill shows you a way to identify destructive beliefs in yourself and others. When identified an opportunity to change or modify the belief is possible.

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