Mindful Communication

Mindful Communication-accountable

1 Chapter 6 Lessons Intermediate

Welcome to Mindful Listening

What is the first question your Doctor asks when you have an ailment? Yes, they ask you to describe what is wrong. And then they can offer a remedy. That is why this module is called Awareness. We diagnose why misunderstands occur so often.

Accountable 6 Lessons


Paraphrase reduces misunderstandings, frustrations and conflict. 

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Perception Check

Ever wondered what to do when someone gets emotional or starts to cry? This video how to effectively deal with these situations.

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Curiosity Questions

When we speak we self-reveal a lot of information. When people listen mindfully they can ask questions that allows the speaker to expand on their incomplete thoughts.

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Behaviour Description

This skill shows you how to describe a person's behaviour without judgement.

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