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Mindful Communication

Self-Paced Video eLearning Course

One of the biggest challenges for live training workshops and online eLearning courses is retention and the ability to take the learning into the world.

The University Pittsburgh paper by Kelly Congdon on Introducing Listening states that:

Make training progressive and continuous. Teaching listening can be more effectively accomplished if done in smaller segments spread over the duration of a class, rather than squeezed into a day or week-long listening unit... Kelly Congdon-The University Pittsburgh

To really learn, you must progress through the 4 Stages of Learning, or you are wasting your time and money.

We are mindful of this, and we have designed the self-paced Mindful Communication eLearning course around the 4 stages of learning. This strategy introduces information and skills in easy to understand bite-sized pieces. Because you have lifetime access to the course, you can refresh as many times as you like.

The knowledge and skills are broken into sections, making it easy to review specific topics and skills without wasting time trying to find what you want to review. The average videos length are around 6 minutes.

If you make a commitment to yourself, the learning will become part of who you are and will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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For those who prefer to read.

How To Live An Enriched Life

The course is structured around the 4 stages of learning

  • Unconscious Incompetence. … (We don’t know what we don’t know)
  • Conscious Incompetence. ... (We are awkward. This is where people usually give up.)
  • Conscious Competence. ... (Intentional. You can do it but you have to think about it. This is the longest stage of learning.)
  • Unconscious Competence. … (Integrated. It is part of who you are.

1st Module–Meaningful Relationships

Information:  Removing the ignorance: The first stage of learning. Unconscious–incompetent

  • Brain Power: How the power of your brain is your biggest liability
  • This course teaches how to turn this listening liability into your greatest asset.
  • The Interpersonal gap: Understanding when, where and why interpersonal communication breaks down
  • How to develop and maintain enduring relationships and reducing conflict
  • How to spot the 7 clues that a personal or professional relationship is breaking down

2nd Module–Mindful Listening

Now you know what you didn't know before we give you the skills to retrain your brain into a listening asset.

  • Listening skills: Mindful Listening: (The second stage of learning.)
  • Basic skills. Clarity in communication
  • Advanced skills. Deep Structure Listening or listening beyond the obvious
  • Self-awareness. Discovering hidden beliefs that drive your feelings, attitudes, inferences, thoughts, feelings and behaviours in self and others
  • An article about understanding change. The problem isn't the change, it's the transition.
3rd Module–Make a Difference in your world
  • Practice and experience with other participants in the closed group. This is the 3rd stage of learning. You have the knowledge and the skills. You are now conscious but incompetent. Hopefully you have used the information and skills to increase your self-awareness. Now is the time when you start your journey to the 4th stage of learning and make a difference in your life and help other to live an enriched life.
  • Take your new knowledge and skills into your world until you have achieved the fourth stage of learning.
  • In time your new skills will become part of who you are. You have achieved the 4th stage of learning of unconscious competence.
  • It may take a while but you will eventually reach the 5th stage of learning. 
  • Congratulations. You are living an enriched life and making a difference in your world
  •      one conversation at a time.

When you communicate mindfully you will live an enriched life.

This course takes you on a journey starting with information

How to turn your brain, your greatest listening liability into your greatest asset

We show you when, where and how interpersonal communication breaks down

And how you can develop and sustain enduring relationships.

There are bonus videos. The departure Lounge, 5 videos that show you how to spot the 7 clues people give when they are becoming unhappy in a relationship.

In part 2, Mindful Listening,

We explore basic skills giving you clarity in your communication

You will learn  how to listen beneath the surface. To listen beyond the obvious.

We show you how to deal effectively with criticism

and how to spot unhelpful deep-seated belief systems (governing beliefs) in yourself and others.

There are some more bonus videos on the value of being vulnerable and a presentation by psychologist Susan Keating based on Kellie McGonical's book The Upside of Stress. why some stress is good for you and even necessary for your survival. Have a look at Kelli's TED Talk.

Part 3. Making a Difference in your world

This is where it’s over to you. You have reached the third stage of learning of awkward and incompetent.

To move to the 3rd stage of learning you must practice and experience the skills. This is why we recommend that you do this course with your life partner, a trusted friend or work colleague. You will have the opportunity to join a closed group so that you can practice and experience the skills and discuss the information.

To move to the 4th stage of learning you need to take it into your world, and make a difference one conversation at a time and live an enriched life.

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