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Mindful Communication

There is compelling evidence that strong relationships contribute to a long, healthy, and happy life.

But, if building strong, healthy enduring relationships was easy then we would all have the ideal marriage and work relationships; but we don't.
This course shows why we have communication breakdown and then, most importantly, how to establish and maintain happy, fruitful, long-lasting relationships.

The first video video gives you a feel for what goes wrong and how you can start to retrain your brain

and build better relationships.

The second video shows a brief overview of the skills you need to improve your self-awareness and listen deeply to others.

Module 1

Understanding Why Interpersonal Communication Breaks Down

The Mindful Communication online course includes videos, Zoom meetings and access to a private facebook group.
It also includes lifetime access to the training videos.

Module 2

The Art of Transformative Listening

Mindful Communication is a course dedicated to helping

you become a powerful communicator so that you can:

  • Get insight into how we currently listen and how to improve your communication
  • Experience greater harmony and connection in your relationships at work and at home.
  • Learn how to build rapport and connection easily and effectively with your clients, potential clients, or networking contacts.
  • Help you to help other get unstuck.
  • Become more mindful and observant of what's happening around you so that you can identify situations of conflict and help resolve them quickly.
  • Become a better coach or service provider.
  • Become better at helping people.
  • Exponentially increase your self-awareness and awareness of others to become a better facilitator of genuine and lasting change. 

Module 3

Make a Difference

Module 3 is where you join othe Mindful Communication community and practice the skills until they are part of you. When you have done this you will have reached the 4th stage of learning, the stage of unconscious and competence.

The skills are now part of who you are.

Participants who have completed the first two modules can join our private FaceBook group. Additional skills will be shared, questions answered, and group discussions held.

You can also apply for Personal coaching with Alan Cox.

Alan will also share current research with the group, and members are encouraged to submit articles they think are relevant.

It is a listening and learning community.


Mindful Communication

Understand and connect with others

with greater richness and depth

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Gain amazing self-awreness and get better at

helping your loved one, friends and work colleagues

through deep listening

  • Are you a service-based business, coach, psychologist, or someone who helps people on a daily basis?
  • In business and want to build rapport and trust with your staff and clients?
  • This set of tools and strategies will help you communicate more powerfully creating real change for your people?
  • Too much conflict? Resolve issues with family, clients, staff, colleagues, and maybe even your teenagers?! 

7 easy steps to Transformative Communication:

  • Switch on your computer and connect with the Internet
  • Click the link we email to you and join a Zoom meeting
  • Watch a short video with us
  • Ask questions and discuss the content
  • Practice and experience the skills with your new friends in our friendly private group

Ineffective listening leads to ineffective performance or low productivity

  • When we fail to listen we create distance
  • 70% of customers who leave do so not because they're unhappy with the product or service, but because of an attitude of indifference
  • Personal relationships can be more emotionally painful, causing long-term damage to all parties, especially children.
  • Marriages often fall apart because one or both parties do not express their feelings but stuff them inside when, over time, they fester and become inflamed.
  • You can feel lonely and isolated even in an intimate relationship
  • Feel unsafe, uncertain and invisible to your partner or work colleagues
  • Not feeling heard hurts.