What Photo Would You Click?

This one...

Or this one?

If you chose the one on the right (the one with the photo and text :) ) you aren't alone. Most people on the planet would do the same because the human brain is attracted to images and movement.

But there is more to it than that. Much more!

The 5 second test

It also means that this page has passed the 5 second test. That means that the message of the page is communicated in a flash.

The headline asks a question and has a crystal clear instruction on the action we want the viewer to take.

Do your landing pages, CTA's pass the 5 second test?

Video - the smart way to promote your business

Videos are a smart way to promote your business and so are podcasts. But why settle for just one when you can have both a video and a podcast?

We record interviews in a relaxed, friendly and informal setting.  It's like having a chat with a mate.

Knowing the what, why and where is critical

The What...

What your key message? We help you work that out because we know how difficult it is to write about your business we are able to take a look from your customers point of view.

The Why?...

What do you want the videos to achieve for you?

Where will you use the videos? Is it for your About Us page, home page, landing page or an email campaign?

The Where...

Every where you can. Don't hold back. Splash the videos and podcasts around the Internet with abandon. 

The list below are recognised as the best for business...

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pintest
  • Instagram
  • Tumbler
  • Snapchat
  • Yelp
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

When you optimise your videos and share them on every social media channel, upload them to video sharing sites like YouTube and send them out with email campaigns then you reach a massive targeted audience.

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3 Video means enormous exposure

We give you 3 versions of the same interview.

  1. The full interview
  2. Two short topic specific videos.

This means that you can upload 3 different videos all optimised with keywords your target market are searching for.   

Having 3 different videos of the interview is cost and time effective. They give you more chance to reach your potential customers. This is leveraging at its best.

Your make the most of your time and resources giving you the best return on your investment. (Video can be the most economical form of media you can use because of the different ways you can leverage it.)

And then comes the magic. Your video is more than just another boring interview. Viewers are always looking for an excuse to stop watching a video or reading an article.

We give your video impact. Some punch. Videos that include text, photos and movement communicate with your audience at a far deeper level than just a talking head.

Check out the examples below - you will see for yourself...

[svpVideo v=2]

Can you guess what Sinead Glennon from Opportuna business consultancy is talking about?

Yep you got it. The importance of business Plans. But that subject could be a little dull from a visual perspective. have enough visuals to make an interesting video?

Have a look and see for yourself...

[svpVideo v=3]

By creating two videos from the one interview Sinead is able to target her marketing reaching people that need her expertise.

It also means that she can reach a massive audience by sharing the video across all social media and video platforms such as YouTube.

[svpVideo v=4]

This example is an Interview by Natasha Collins from Servcorp.

Notice how much more powerful her message is when reinforced with photos and text.

This 90 second promotional video was edited from a 9 minute podcast interview. 

[svpVideo v=6]

If you want to meet one of the shyest women ever, have a look at the next example.

Tracey Regan from the Lemon Tree Book Co is an author of personalised  children's books. She has heaps of experience in the British film industry working behind the scenes.

She almost didn't do the interview because she was so nervous.  However, she bite the bullet and did it anyway.  Tracey understands how important video is in today's world.

[svpVideo v=5]

The last example is about personas. Yes, this is one I did.

I am more used to being behind the scenes and I found the interview a challenge.

But, like Tracy, I did it anyway. Have a look at the result.


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