Is Poor Communication

Killing Your Relationship?

Deep Listening Can Save Your Relationship

Listening and honesty are perhaps the influential aspects of a relationship. Communication influences the satisfaction and happiness within a relationship.

This website has one goal.

To assist you to be fully alive and engaged within your relationships.

Who benefits from the course:

  1. Caregivers and TBI Survivors – (Carers need someone to listen to them)
  2. People struggle to reconnect with family, friends, and society.
  3. Couples and families – (Poor communication is at the heart of many divorces)
  4. Business – (Being a good listener is critical to being a good leader… R Branson)
Caregivers need emotional support

The Mindful Communication course available from shows you how to build healthy productive and meaningful relationships.

The bottom line?

A better understanding of how humans communicate enriches relationships making room for growth and meaning. Check out how you can enrich your relationships.

Mindful Communication Courses

How to Manage Change

Understand what is happening, manage the change, and make better decisions.

Staying Connected

The Departure Lounge explores the clues we give when we are beginning to disconnect from a relationship or employer. 

If you act early you may be able to keep your valued personal and business relationships thriving.

Carers Need a Carer

Any injury that leaves a person fully dependent on their spouse or other family member can be devastating.

Unfortunately the primary carer, most often the spouse, becomes the silent victim.

Divorce may not be necessary

Poor communication is one of the main reasons given for divorce. Most people understand that good communication is vital to any healthy relationship.

But when communication breaks down, it creates misunderstandings, mistrust, anger, and, ultimately, broken relationships.

Talking and honesty

Talking and honesty are the most influential part of a relationship.

Communication influences the satisfaction, meaning, and happiness within a relationship.

Does keeping the peace work? Do you think that

  1. It will blow over.
  2. I don’t want to argue with her.
  3. It isn’t worth the hassle and the silence for the next 2 weeks.
  4. He/she will get mad if I talk about how I feel.
  5. It isn’t worth fighting about.

What happens if you stay silent? In the long run, staying silent makes the situation worse. It is a strategy that will eventually destroy the relationship. Staying silent delays the inevitable. Frustration grows and festers, increasing the tension until resentment and anger destroy the marriage. Staying silent merely delays the inevitable.