1. How does Show and Tell Marketing find suitable topics to blog about?

In the same way students write their PHDs by researching and quoting authorities on the topic they are studying. Show and Tell use the same method to create an authority website for you, it’s called curation. We research authority websites for relevant and current information about your industry. We then upload the posts to your blog consistently as this is a major factor in gaining traffic to your site.

2. Will the content be accurate?

Yes, because we source current information from other authority sites in your industry from around the world. For example, one of my clients (IAQS) cleans mould and other toxins from homes, offices and warehouses. We found an article from NASA about plants that purify the air naturally.

All you have to do is read the post to check its accuracy, approve it and we do the rest.

3. Does Google approve?

Search engines like websites that provide quality information their clients are seeking. By providing authoritative information about your industry specific to your target audience you save them time.

Your customers don’t need to follow a link where only a portion of the information is relevant to them. By providing specific relevant content to your customers, you save them a lot of time. Of course, the source must always be credited, but we want to do this regardless because it adds to your credibility.

When your site has links going back to authority websites your credibility is increased, and the search engines start to see your site as an authority site too.

When we promote your blog posts and site via your social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, more links are established to high quality, authority sites which further increase site credibility.

4. How do you promote the posts?

We schedule your posts every month to go live on a specific day and time. We also automatically post snippets of the blog post to promote the post on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter social media accounts. These snippets are designed to appeal your target audience.

5. It sounds expensive. Is it?

We provide an extensive service including video creation starting for an investment of just $500 per month.

For more information call Alan on 0414 288 050 or send us an email I’ll be in touch.

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