Engage – Does Your Life seem to be one constant argument? – Brainy Gecko

Why Do I Keep Picking Fights With My Partner?

Does life seem to be one constant argument that leaves you frustrated and in tears? 

The main cause of augments is unclear fuzzy expectations.

So the first step to reducing expectations is to clarify your expectations and one way to do this is to isolate the issue. 

Is it money, sharing the housework or any other problem?

Whatever the problem is isolate it and sit down with your partner and talk about it.

But first, make an agreement to explore the topic without argument.

Avoid speaking over you partner, judging them or ridiculing their point of view and don’t finish their sentences for them.

Let them speak and express their thoughts. Give them time.

The idea is to listen to one another.

If you adopt this approach then you will have made a great start in reducing conflict giving your relationship a chance to grow and flourish.

Start to enjoy life again, reduce conflict and tears by clarifying your expectations.

I’m Alan Cox from Brainy Gecko.