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How Emotion influences buying decision

The Challenge: Marketing a Brand

With a Logo That Nobody Wanted Share.

This video shows you how they solved the problem. 'Like a Girl' became one of the most successful social Media campaigns. Twitter followers tripled in the first three months; they gained 4.4bn+ media impressions, had 90m+ views, and YouTube Channel subscribers grew by 4339%. Not a bad effort.

Introducing #LikeAGirl.

’For most of us, we recognise those words in a very negative way. We’ve grown up hearing phrases like ‘you run like a girl,’ and ‘you fight like a girl.’  The inference is that girls aren’t as good as boys.

And then came the 'Always' ‘Like a Girl campaign'. Their goal was to convince vulnerable young girls to turn that thought on its head. They wanted young girls to really think what #LikeAGirl means. 'Always' created a video that had well over 100 million views.

'Always' used emotion to boost their brand awareness but, as the proud father of three beautiful daughters I was thrilled when I saw this video. 

If you watched the video you would have seen the girls so confident and proud to be who they are is inspiring.

What does the video #LikeAGirl tell you about Always products?

Absolutely nothing! This amazing video is a worldwide viral sensation and subsequently created one of the most successful advertising campaigns ever run, but during the video we are never told what they are selling.

 Why? Because they are relying on the emotional impact that their brand will have on their target market.

But, I believe that the spin-off benefit was for the thousands of girls who saw this video and were inspired to believe in themselves.

Another modern fairytale

Once upon a time, way back in the 90s, two companies were selling the similar products to the same market.

One was a giant dominating their industry, and the other was just 90 days away from bankruptcy.

While the products they offered were similar, their marketing strategies were poles apart.

The industry giant's strategy focussed on the technical features of the product. You know, features like processing speed, power, storage and the like.

The company that was just 90 days from extinction adopted the slogan of ‘Think Different’.

Now, this was different.

But ...

  • Does 'Think Different' describe the product?
  • Does 'Think Different' say anything about the quality of the product?
  • Does the slogan 'Think Different' tell you what the product is?

No. And yet IBM, the industry giant's market share fell off the cliff while Apple's revenue and growth exploded. In 2020 Apple's revenue was reported at $114.4 billion making Apple one of the biggest companies on the planet.

And then there’s Nike?

Once again, what does ‘Just Do It’ tell you about Nike, the company?


Does it tell you about their products? Does it describe the quality, range, features and benefits of their company and products? No.


The Just Do It campaign has taken Nike to $32 billion a year in sales. 

What do #LikeAGirl, ‘Think Different’, and ‘Just Do It’ campaigns have in common?

They all evoke an emotional response!!!

Your emotions determine what you buy and how you see yourself.
  • Are you aware of your emotions?
  • Do you know what triggers your emotions?
  • Does your marketing material connect with your buyers' at an emotional level?

Mindful Communication shows you how to understand and connect with your inner emotions. 

Three Take Aways:

  • Be aware that what you say and do impacts others at an emotional level
  • Engage your potential customers unconscious mind.
  • When speaking with others be aware of your emotional response 

So, how did the 'Like a Girl campaign' preform?

Check out the results.

90m+ views; number two viral video globally.

1100+ earned-media placements and 4.4bn+ media impressions in the first three months.

Always Twitter followers tripled in the first three months; Always YouTube Channel subscribers grew 4339%

177,000 #LikeAGirl tweets in the first three months, including many celebrities.

Higher-than-average lift in brand preference; claimed purchase intent grew more than 50% among our target.

In a study conducted in December 2014, almost 70% of women and 60% of men claimed that "The video changed my perception of the phrase 'like a girl'". Source.

Think Humans NOT Consumers (The Importance of Authentic Customer Relationships)

They may be relaxing but they are all potential customers. They are the people reading your website, talking to you on the phone or watching your video.

When you think of your customers as a consumers you strip them of their humanity! In your mind they become a statistic and not real people. 

 1: A happy customer experience

On the weekend we were enjoying a relaxing day with friends in Margaret River. My friend and I found our wives in a souvenir shop.

My wife was holding a hat. I needed a hat. The sales lady had personality plus and, after much laughter and fun, we purchased the hat.

She didn't sell the hat – we bought the hat!

 2: An unhappy customer experience

The variety of ice-cream flavours available was extensive. So I asked the assistant if I could taste one of the more unusual flavours to see if I liked it.

With a surly expression on her face, she said, “We don’t do that”. Then stood there waiting for us to make up our mind. Zero personality. Zero communication.

What makes your life worth living? 

If it’s your family, friends, and work colleagues then welcome to the vast majority of the human experience. The relationships you have with the local store owner, school, work, club, or the people at your favourite coffee shop are what makes your life worth living.

Your customers are no different.

The question is…

What type of experience do your customers have when they interact with your business?

Do you even know?

Is your website human to Human?

Not sure? Then let us buy you a coffee and we'll give you objective frFree appraisal. 

Creating a positive customer experience

Obviously you will want to create a positive experience for your customers so they will return or at least recommend you to colleages and friends.

Which leads us to the next question. Is your marketing driven by data or your customers experience?

If you marketing focus is business to business, then you may leaving out the essential ingredient. People. Remember, there is a person in every department of that business. Regardless of the department, you are always dealing with a human. They are Just like you living their life and with all it brings.

When you implement some of these changes and take your marketing from B2B to H2H, you will notice a shift. Your customers will be more engaged, new customers will be attracted to what you have to offer, and you will gain more repeat customers. David Reimherr from MagnificentMktg

In a LinkedIn article, Neil Morgan describes how he changed from B2B to H2H and the difference it made to his company…

I’ve been part of the digital marketing tech movement for about fifteen years now but often wondered whether the focus towards technology is drawing our attention away from what matters most in any marketing -- the person whose business we’d like to earn.

So we re-wrote our creative briefs starting with insights from our customers, and it really helped us put the human element back into our marketing.

Author, blogger and world-renowned marketer Seth Godin makes these observations

Describing two kinds of marketing Seth warns businesses not to get hooked into artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven marketing.

This kind is "...data-driven, grind it out, systemic, digital marketing."

"The room for humans here is very small."

Seth describes the other type of marketing in his book The Purple Cow.

"The other kind is the 'Purple Cow' kind.  "It is the poetry, the magic, a human being doing what no one expects," he said.

The level of Human involvement in this kind of marketing is significant.

Seth also predicts that because data-driven marketing will be fully automated before long, serious marketers are now focussing on the other kind of marketing.  The human aspects of delivering the message to your audience.

Strong Authentic connections

Human to Human (H2H) is creating a genuine connection between your business and your customers.

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H2H is all about establishing an empathetic relationship with your customers at every touch point.

Our experience at Walkabout Souvenirs in Margaret River was fun and we talk about them recommending them to friends It was a highlight of the weekend.

Unlike the the ice-cream vendor?  We do talk about the smooth and tasty the ice-cream but the surly attitude of the staff and the business is also mentioned.

Watch out for our article on how to talk to your prospect's subconscious mind.

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