Building Lasting Relationships

Did you start any long-term relationship with the expectation that it won't last?

How To Build Better Relationships


We keep watch for you

You know how Meerkats watch out for one another. Well, to save you time we keep an eye out for you so we can bring you the latest practical marketing advice from the newest neuromarketing brain research.

I'm sure you have been told that to succeed you must Connect and engage with your ideal customers. But how do you do that?

Brainy gecko's blog contains bite-size easy to digest information.  

Interpersonal communication, relationships and how the latest Neuromarketing helps build rich, rewarding and lasting connections at all levels is our passion.

Because they are small easy bites they can be used in your private and professional life immediately.

Weekly Challenge

To help you turn you gain more control over you automatic unconscious behaviours and responses we bring you a weekly challenge with a 1 minute video that will boost your level of self-awareness.

This is important because?

Science has demonstrated that 95% of the decisions you and I make are outside of our conscious awareness. They are automatic reactions.

In many ways this is very helpful but the power of our brains is also the biggest block to effective interpersonal communication.