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About Brainy Gecko


Hi, I'm Alan Cox. In 1994 I was invited to attend a Strategic Communication Strategies course that taught Deep Structure Listening. In just 13 days my life changed and saved my marriage. 

My mission today is simple. I want to repay the gift I was given by and to help fulfil John Savage's vision of teaching others the skills of effective communication.

I attend the course Strategic Communication Skills for Deep Structure Listening in 1993 and in 1994 I was trained to facilitate the course. Since then, I have facilitated groups and coached individuals in the skills.

Using current research I have added to my knowledge creating the Mindful Communication Course to help people gain more control over their emotions improving their relationships reducing conflict and living a happier fulfilling life. 

Family Life

My wife Mary and I married in 1968. We have been blessed with three wonderful daughters and 10 grandchildren. Family has been and remains our number one priority.

Every possible opportunity we got we went away in our caravan. As a family, we enjoyed many adventures visiting countless caravan parks and camping spots in Western Australia. We have ventured to Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

In Western Australia we have travelled to north to Marble Bar, Esperance in the south and everywhere in between. 


Alan Cox

4 years after we married Mary and I started our business servicing the film and television industry. The business evolved with the industry until we made a change. 

Using the experience gained with 40+ years in the communication industry we applied our experience and knowledge and created an online Mindful Communication course that provides practical tools to help people build more positive, enjoyable and successful relationships.