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About Us

Alan Cox

40+ years in the television and corporate video industry

I began my career at Channel Seven before moving to Channel Nine in Perth. Six years later my wife and I started our own Post Production business. For the next 35 years we worked on thousands of television commercials, hundreds of corporate videos and over 40 television documentaries for local and international release.

Ou  relationship with Channel Nine and our other clients lasted for more than 30 years.

Family Life

My wife Mary and I married in 1968. We have been blessed with three wonderful daughters and 10 grandchildren. Family is and always has been our number one priority.

Every possible opportunity we we got we went away in our caravan. As a family we have visited countless caravan parks and camping spots in WA. We have ventured to Brisbane, fraser Island and driven on Rainbow beach.

We have travelled to Marble Bar in the north to Esperance in the south and everywhere in between. As a family we enjoyed many adventures. Click here to see  videos from one of our trips to Esperance south of Perth Western Australia


8 years after we married Mary and I started our post production business The Edit Suite. Following our experiences with the Internet and the rapidly changing marketing environment we now offer video production, website development, content marketing and copywriting.

Our daughter Jodie has joined us and will be instrumental in growing our business taking it forward into the future.

The business model is based on forming strategic alliances with professionals in their field.

The Internet and technology

Technology was advancing rapidly and Video became viable for broadcast on the web.

Editing software that used to cost $500 an hour was available on my home computer. Finally, the ability to create good videos without the inflated costs. Cameras that used to cost $70,000 were now less than $3,000.

These developments along with the Internet speed has placed video within reach of all businesses no matter how large or small.

The Business - The Past - The Future

In 2017 our daughter Jodie joined us at Brainy Gecko as our Business Development Officer. Jodie, a mum with 4 great kids, will be instrumental in taking our business into the future.

Her experience as National Customer Service Manager for a medical supply company in Melbourne, as well as her experience in Sales and Marketing over the last 20 years is invaluable. Apart from business development, Jodie is managing our projects and social media. She is also help clients to set up their social media promotion strategy.

Jodie Cox

Tracey Regan - Copywriter

Tracey is a copywriter, author, website creator and director of the Lemon Tree Book Co.

She started her career Britains film and television industry. 

She has joined with Alan and Jodie as part of the copywriting web development team.

Emotion - The Critical Element

Can you look at the photo of this baby and be touched in some way?

Emotion is contagious. Emotion is the essential ingredient that must be present in your marketing material.

In the 2000s Alan was trained by psychologist Dr John Savage to 'tune' into the power of the Subconscious mind.

Neuroscience research has now proven subconscious emotions drive a huge percentage of all decisions we make. 

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